• Mount Sapo, a mountain in Cochabamba Department, Bolivia
  • Mount Sapo, a mountain in Darien Province, Panama
  • Sapo National Park, a national park in Sinoe County, Liberia

1. Organisations

  • Swedish Security Service SAPO
  • South African Post Office, postal service provider in South Africa
  • SAPO company Serviço de Apontadores Portugueses Online, a Portuguese Internet service provider
  • Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutors Office
  • South African Port Operations, the port management subsidiary of Transnet

2. Other uses

  • Mount Sapo, fictitious mountain in Italy
  • SAPO computer, the first Czechoslovak computer
  • Sapo language, a Niger-Congo language of Liberia
  • SAPO, a silico-alumino-phosphate, a type of zeotype material or molecular sieve, related to zeolites
  • Sapo, Portuguese guitar player for rock band Mão Morta
  • sapo, a bar game in South America similar to toad in the hole

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