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ⓘ Lilpop

The Lilpop family was a well-known dynasty of artisans and industrialists in Warsaw, Poland.

The founder of the family of the Polish branch was Antonio Augustine Lilpop, from Graz, Austria 1742 – 1815, who settled in Warsaw in the last years of the reign of king Augustus III in Poland and in 1789 founded a watchmaking company. The firm existed until 1939 when it was destroyed by German bombs.

The most famous Lilpop company was an industrial company "Lilpop, Rau & Loewenstein" mechanical plant, one of the largest metallurgical plants in the Kingdom of Poland and the second Republic. The factory was completely destroyed during the Second world war.

Noble family descendants included:

  • Stanislaw Lilpop 1817 - 66, mechanical engineer, inventor, founder of Polands greatest machine factory, Lilpop, Rau & Loewenstein, in Warsaw.
  • Stanislaw Wilhelm Lilpop 1863-1930, son of Stanislaw, industrialist, traveler, founder of the town of Podkowa Lesna.
  • Zbigniew Lilpop 1917-2007, electrical engineer, expert in municipal transport.
  • Jerzy Lilpop 1888-1945, botanist paleobotanist, curator of the botanical section of the Natural Museum PAN in Cracow.
  • Stefan Ludwik Lilpop 1872 - 1923, watchmaker, collector, patron of art and theatre.
  • Franciszek Lilpop 1870-1937, Warsaw architect.
  • Ludwik F.M. Lilpop, 1845 - 1905, watchmaker and philanthropist, president of the parish council of the Lutheran Church in Warsaw.
  • Edward August Lilpop 1844 - 1911, Warsaw architect.
  • Waclaw Lilpop 1887-1949, urologist, founder of Polish Urological Society.