ⓘ Nuckols (surname)


ⓘ Nuckols (surname)

The name Nuckols is a surname of Norwegian descent.

In English versions, the name comes from Nuckols knowledge, which suggests that the family coat of arms is a white rose, stemming from the support of the family of the house of York during the war of the roses V. K. and. the English Civil war. The story goes that he broke in 1455 a Civil war in England, with a house in York, leading one faction and the house of Lancaster leading the other. The emblem of York was a white rose, that of Lancaster a red rose. One family that sided with York in that long struggle was named Nuckolls. After many years, some of this family emigrated to America and settled in Virginia, bringing with him roses started with cutting the original white rose of York.

Today, people possessing variations of the original surname live in many States, however, most are still concentrated in Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri. The name "Nuckols" is particularly prevalent in Central Virginia, especially Goochland, Henrico, and Richmond County, Nuckols road on the main thoroughfare in goochland, VA.

James Nuccol is a member of the "Blissland complaint", in 1676-1677 document created in secret "since it is illegal for people to meet without notifying the lawful authorities" who sought to mitigate excessive taxation without representation imposed by the British Crown, the 17th-century rural Virginia. For this reason, the Blissland complaint is a pre-1776 revolution.

William "the Patriot" Nuckols 1710 - 1796 acknowledged the Patriotic service for the provision of beef and other supplies for the Continental army during the Revolution. As such, descendants of William "the Patriot" Nuckols are eligible to visit the daughters of the American revolution and sons of the American revolution.

In Nuckols house of S. 1750 is currently owned by Henrico County historical society