ⓘ Tigre


ⓘ Tigre

  • Le Tigre album
  • Le Tigre, an American rock band
  • El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, a Nickelodeon animated TV series
  • El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera video game
  • Il Tigre, internationally released as The Tiger and the Pussycat, a 1967 Italian comedy film

1. Military

  • Spanish ship Tigre 1747, of the Spanish navy
  • Tigre, the French and Spanish name for the Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter
  • French ship Tigre, a number of French navy ships
  • HMS Tigre, a number of Royal Navy ships

2. People

  • Tigre language
  • Tigre people, an ethnic group inhabiting Eritrea and Sudan
  • El Tigre Jr., ringname of Canadian professional wrestler Tyson Moody born 1978
  • Le Tigre, a nickname of French statesman Georges Clemenceau 1841–1929
  • El Tigre, a nickname of Spanish footballer Radamel Falcao born 1986

3. Places

  • Tigre Partido
  • Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • El Tigre, Anzoategui, Venezuela
  • Tigre River Venezuela
  • Tigre District, Loreto, Peru
  • Tiger Island, or Tigre Island, Honduras
  • El Tigre Airport
  • El Tigre Fault, a seismically active fault in Argentina
  • Tigre River, Peru

4. Sports

  • Tigres F.C., a professional Colombian football team
  • Tigres de Quintana Roo, a Mexican baseball team
  • Tigre, a nickname of Bolivian football club The Strongest
  • Tigres UANL, a Mexican football club
  • Tigre Rugby Club, an Argentine rugby union club
  • Tigres del Licey, a Dominican Republic baseball team
  • Club Atletico Tigre, an Argentine sports club

5. Other uses

  • Le Tigre clothing brand, an American clothing brand
  • Tigre Hotel, a former hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • El Tigre, a 1993 meteorite fall in Mexico
  • Tigre Club, now the Tigre Municipal Museum of Fine Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Tigre rifle, a Spanish copy of the Winchester Model 1892

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