ⓘ Asylum


ⓘ Asylum

  • Orphan asylum, orphanage
  • Benevolent Asylum, a 19th-century Australian institution for housing the destitute
  • Cities of Refuge, places of refuge in ancient Judea
  • Right of asylum, political asylum
  • Mental asylum, a term for psychiatric hospital
  • Church asylum or sanctuary, a right to be safe from arrest in the sanctuary of a church or temple
  • Asylum antiquity, places of refuge in ancient Greece and Rome

1.1. Entertainment Film

  • Asylum 1972 horror film, a horror film starring Peter Cushing
  • Asylum 2014 film, an American horror film
  • Asylum 2008 film, an American horror film by David R. Ellis
  • Asylum 2005 film, a British drama by David Mackenzie based on the novel by Patrick McGrath
  • Asylum 1972 documentary film, a film featuring the psychiatrist R. D. Laing
  • Asylum 2003 film, an American short documentary
  • Asylum 1997 film, an American film starring Robert Patrick and Malcolm McDowell

1.2. Entertainment Television

  • "Asylum" Sliders, an episode of Sliders
  • "Asylum" Supernatural, an episode of Supernatural
  • "Asylum" Law & Order, an episode of Law & Order
  • "Asylum" Torchwood, a 2009 episode of Torchwood
  • American Horror Story: Asylum, the second season of American Horror Story
  • Asylum 2015 TV series, a UK comedy series on the BBC
  • Asylum 1996 TV series, a UK comedy series on Paramount Comedy Channel

1.3. Entertainment Albums

  • Asylum Kiss album, 1985
  • Asylum Disturbed album, 2010
  • Asylum The Back Horn album, 2010
  • Asylum The Legendary Pink Dots album, 1985

1.4. Entertainment Songs

  • "Asylum", by Disturbed from Asylum
  • "Asylum", by Supertramp from Crime of the Century
  • "Asylum", by John Legend from Love in the Future
  • "Asylum", by Alanis Morissette from Flavors of Entanglement non-album track
  • "Asylum", by Onslaught from In Search of Sanity
  • "Asylum", by Slaughterhouse, featuring Eminem, from Welcome to: Our House
  • "Asylum", by Gary Numan from The Pleasure Principle
  • "Asylum" The Orb song, 1997

2. Other

  • Asylum Records, an American record label
  • Asylum, California, U.S.
  • Asylum magazine, a magazine about mental health and psychiatry
  • The Asylum, an American film production company
  • Asylum Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, U.S.
  • Asylum upcoming video game, a horror game in development since 2010
  • Asylum 1981 video game, an adventure game

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