• the Novellae Constitutiones the Novels of Justinian
  • the Institutes of Justinian; and
  • Digest Roman law, a compendium or digest of juristic writings;
  • The Corpus Juris Civilis, a collection of Imperial pronouncements issued from 529 to 534 by order of Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I, comprising
  • Codex Justinianus the Justinian Code;
  • Canadian Judicial Council, the regulating body for Canadian judges composed mostly of chief justices and associate chief justices of Canadas superior courts
  • Criminal Justice Commission Australia, the former commission for investigating corruption and misconduct in Queensland, Australia

1. Organizations

  • Canadian Jewish Congress, a defunct umbrella group of Jewish organizations in Canada
  • Community of Jesus Compassion, an Anglican religious order founded in 1993
  • Collectives of Communist Youth, a juvenile Spanish Marxist–Leninist organization

2. Education

  • Catholic Junior College, a junior college in Singapore
  • Cisco Junior College, a community college located one mile north of Cisco, Texas
  • Cor Jesu College, a Catholic educational institution in Davao del Sur, Philippines
  • Central Johannesburg College, a South African college founded in September 2001
  • Confederation des jeunes chercheurs French: "Confederation of Young Researchers", a national postgraduate representative body
  • Cornway Junior College, a private, co-educational, day and boarding school in Zimbabwe.
  • California Jazz Conservatory, a music conservatory in Berkeley, California.

3. Other meanings

  • The ICAO code for Colgan Air, a US airline operating between 1991 and 2012
  • Canadian Journal of Chemistry, a scientific journal published by the National Research Council of Canada
  • CjC, an alias for electronic musician Conor J Curran
  • Utah Childrens Justice Center, These centers coordinates investigation and prosecution of child abuse, especially child sexual abuse
  • The IATA code for El Loa Airport in Calama, Chile

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