ⓘ Arizona (disambiguation)


ⓘ Arizona (disambiguation)

  • 793 Arizona, an asteroid
  • Arizona, Atlantida, Honduras, a municipality
  • Arizona, Nebraska, United States, an unincorporated community
  • Arizona, San Luis, Argentina
  • Arizona, Louisiana, United States, an unincorporated community
  • Arizona City, Arizona, a census-designated place
  • Arizona Township, Burt County, Nebraska
  • Arizona, Manitoba, Canada, a locality

1. Former territorial designations

  • Arizona Department, a department of the Second Mexican Empire, immediately south of the territory, 1863–1867
  • Confederate Arizona, a territory of the Confederate States, 1862–1865
  • Arizona Territory, a territory of the United States, 1863–1912

2. Ships

  • USS Arizona 1858, launched 1859, served in the American Civil War
  • USS Arizona BB-39, a battleship sunk in the attack on Pearl Harbor
  • USS Arizona 1869, a steam frigate launched in 1865
  • SS Arizona, a British passenger liner and holder of the eastbound Atlantic Record in 1879

3. Films

  • Arizona 1918 film, silent film featuring Douglas Fairbanks
  • Arizona 1931 film, starring John Wayne
  • Arizona 1940 film, starring Jean Arthur and William Holden
  • Arizona 1913 film, silent film starring Robert Broderick
  • Arizona 2018 film, starring Danny McBride

4. Music

  • Arizona British band, Eurodance musical project from England
  • "Arizona", a song from the 2008 album Hold On Tight by Hey Monday
  • Arizona American band stylized as A R I Z O N A, American rock and electropop band from New Jersey
  • "Arizona", a song from the 2009 album The New Way Out by Rustic Overtones
  • "Arizona", a track on the 2007 album Because of the Times by Kings of Leon
  • "Arizona" song, a 1970 song by Mark Lindsay
  • "Arizona", a 1981 country and western hit by Rex Allen and Rex Allen, Jr. used as the Alternate State Anthem of Arizona; see state songs of Arizona
  • "Arizona", a song from the 1982 album Blackout by Scorpions

5. Other

  • Talbot Arizona, a car model based on the Peugeot 309
  • Arizona snake, a genus of snakes
  • Arizona Zervas born 1995, American musician
  • Arizona Lucky Luke, a Lucky Luke comic

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