★ People from Sitka, Alaska


★ People from Sitka, Alaska

  • Alexander Archipelago of the Pacific Ocean part of the Alaska Panhandle As of the 2010 census, Sitka had a population of 8, 881. With a consolidated land
  • The Sitka Tribe of Alaska is the federally recognized tribal government for more than 4, 000 federally recognized Native people mostly Alaska Natives
  • The Sitka Pioneer Home is an assisted living home, located in the U.S. state of Alaska at 120 Katlian Street in downtown Sitka Operated by the Alaska Department
  • which encompasses many Southeast island communities including Hoonah, Sitka Kake, Klawock, Craig, Angoon, and Petersburg. For the 30th Legislature
  • Sitka National Historical Park earlier known as Indian River Park and Totem Park is a national historical park in Sitka in the U.S. state of Alaska
  • see Alaska boundary dispute The region is noted for its scenery and mild, rainy climate. The largest cities in the region are Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan
  • Shee or Sitka Island Russian: остров Баранова, Ситха also остров Ситка is an island in the northern Alexander Archipelago in the Alaska Panhandle
  • also known as the Old Sitka Site and now in Old Sitka State Historical Park, is a National Historic Landmark near Sitka Alaska Now of archaeological
  • Jacob Netsvetov Russian: Яков Иаков Егорович Нецветов Enlightener of Alaska was a native of the Aleutian Islands who became a priest of the Orthodox
  • The Battle of Sitka Russian: Сражение при Ситке 1804 was the last major armed conflict between Russians and Alaska Natives, and was initiated in response
  • 2006 in Sitka Alaska was an American printmaker, and book illustrator. Dale F. Burlison met Robert Neil DeArmond, a native of Sitka Alaska while they
  • Russell, Emily October 26, 2016 Alaska Day Dilemma: celebrating history without colonialism KCAW News. Sitka United States: KCAW. Retrieved October
  • This is a list of notable people from Alaska This list includes individuals who were born in Alaska grew up there, retired there, or in any other fashion
  • Chas Koowu Tla a, 1956 - 2016 was a Tlingit weaver and educator from Sitka Alaska She specialized in Ravenstail Raven s Tail designs and spruce root
  • Sitka Alaska He was a co - founder of the Tlingit Clan Conference. Lingit At.oowoo Raven s Bones Will the Time Ever Come? Andrew John Hope Sitka Sentinel
  • a master s degree in divinity, also from the University of Dubuque, in 1940. Soboleff returned to Sitka Alaska during the summer of 1940, where he
  • The Alaska Native Brotherhood ANB and its counterpart, the Alaska Native Sisterhood ANS are two nonprofit organizations founded in 1912 in Sitka Alaska
  • is a poet and author of detective fiction. He currently resides in Sitka Alaska John Straley was born in Redwood City, California. He grew up in the
  • Anchorage: People Mover Bethel Fairbanks: Metropolitan Area Commuter System Juneau: Capital Transit System Kenai Ketchikan Sitka the Sitka Tribe of Alaska offers
  • it unified with Sitka s city and borough governments in 1971, which formed the present - day entity known as the City and Borough of Sitka However, residents
  • Petersburg Indian Association Sitka Alaska - Sitka Tribe of Alaska Skagway, Alaska - Skagway Traditional Council Tenakee, Alaska - Tenakee Springs Indian
  • The Alaska Purchase Russian: Продажа Аляски, tr. Prodazha Alyaski, Sale of Alaska was the United States acquisition of Alaska from the Russian Empire
  • The Sitka Historical Museum, formerly known as the Isabel Miller Museum is the city museum of Sitka in the U.S. state of Alaska Run by the Sitka Historical
  • April Fools Day joke. The dark smoke rising from the crater convinced nearby residents of Sitka Alaska that the volcano was erupting. The hoax was
  • community located in the city and borough of Sitka Alaska on the eastern side of Baranof Island, from which it likely derives its name, in the Alexander
  • formerly of Southeast Alaska Council, serves Juneau, Haines, Sitka and Skagway Totem District formerly of Southeast Alaska Council, serves Petersburg
  • state capital Juneau, the former capital Sitka and Ketchikan, at one time Alaska s largest city. The Alaska Marine Highway provides a vital surface transportation
  • on Baranof Island in Sitka Alaska United States. Founded in 1878, it was the oldest institution of higher learning in Alaska and maintained a historic
  • Picea sitchensis, the Sitka spruce, is a large, coniferous, evergreen tree growing to almost 100 m 330 ft tall, with a trunk diameter at breast height
  • colonial capital of Russian America. After the Alaska Purchase, it was renamed Sitka the first capital of Alaska Territory. The Russian Orthodox church with

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