ⓘ Kolyvan, Altai Krai

Kolyvan, Altai Krai

ⓘ Kolyvan, Altai Krai

Kolyvan is a rural locality in Kuryinsky District of Altai Krai, Russia, located on the slopes of the Kolyvan Range.

Kolyvan was founded in the first half of the 18th century due to the construction of the Kolyvan-Voskresensky copper- and silver-melting plant, which would operate until 1799. Starting in 1786, the so-called "polishing mill" polishing and lapidary factory since 1802 had been producing decorative articles for the royal court, such as vases, fireplaces, columns, etc. Often, they would use the drawings of Giacomo Quarenghi, Andrei Voronikhin, Carlo Rossi, and others to create their luxurious items. The very best works of the Kolyvan masters are currently displayed in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

During the Soviet years, this factorys successor, namely the Polzunov Stonecutting Factory Камнерезный завод имени И. И. Ползунова, was processing jasper, porphyry, quartzite, and marble for scientific and artistic purposes.

  • consisted of set of guberniyas, oblasts. Sometimes used interchangeably with krai land or military guberniya. Moscow and Saint - Petersburg governorates were
  • July 1843. It was part of the Vilna Governorate - General and Northwestern Krai The governorate included almost the entire Lithuanian region of Samogitia
  • of Ternopol and Chernovtsy April 22 August 2, 1917: Dmytro Doroshenko, Krai commissar of the Russian Provisional Government There were four governments
  • Dagestan, and Kalmykia, with the major part of it being located in Stavropol Krai Russian colonization of the Northern Caucasus started in the 1770s. In 1785
  • of the RSFSR was created, which was incorporated into the North Caucasus Krai in 1924. Coordinates: 47 26 09 N 40 05 55 E 47.4358 N 40.0986 E 47
  • separate viceregencies наместничество centered at Tobolsk, Irkutsk and Kolyvan These viceregencies were downgraded to the status of governorate in 1796
  • Russian Empire. It was part of the Vilna Governorate - General and Northwestern Krai Grodno, a western province or governorate of the former Russian Empire
  • was reinstated and is used when referring to a governor of an oblast or a krai There is another archaic meaning of the word as the word denoted a type
  • Governorates formed the Kyiv Governorate General, also known as the Southwestern Krai At the time, Vasily Levashov was appointed the Military Governor of Kyiv
  • included in the Lower Volga Oblast, which was later turned into Saratov Krai and Saratov Oblast. The Saratov Governorate was divided into 10 uyezds: Kamyshinsky

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