ⓘ Walter Williams

Walter Williams

ⓘ Walter Williams

Walter, Walt and Wally Williams may refer to:

  • Jack Williams footballer, born 1906 Walter John Williams, 1906–1982, English association footballer
  • Walter Lee Williams born 1948, American academic and FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive as of June 2013
  • Walter Williams footballer 1983–2018, Honduran soccer player
  • Walter H. Williams 1920–1998, American-born artist, painter, printmaker, and sculptor
  • Walt Williams athlete born 1985, Grenadian track and field athlete
  • Wal Williams 1904–1982, Australian rules footballer for Hawthorn
  • Wally Williams water polo fl. 1950, New Zealand water polo player
  • Dootsie Williams Walter Williams, 1911–1991, American record executive and producer
  • Walter Williams comedian filmmaker, Saturday Night Live writer who created Mr. Bill
  • Walter Jon Williams born 1953, American science fiction writer
  • Walter C. Williams 1919–1995, American engineer; 1940s leader of National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics group at Edwards Air Force Base
  • Walt Williams born 1970, American basketball player
  • Wally Williams American football born 1971, American football player
  • Walter McAdoo Williams 1891–1959, North Carolina textile executive
  • Sam Williams basketball, born 1924 Walter Williams, 1924–2012, American college basketball coach
  • Walt Williams baseball 1943–2016, American MLB player
  • Walt Williams cornerback born 1954, American football player
  • Walter Williams singer born 1943, member of The OJays
  • Walter Heath Williams, Victorian landscape artist
  • Walter Ray Williams Jr. born 1959, American professional bowler
  • Walter E. Williams born 1936, American economist, college professor, political pundit, and radio personality
  • Walter Frederick George Williams born 1928, British comedian and actor better known as Bill Maynard
  • Pop Williams Walter Merrill Williams, 1874–1959, American MLB and minor league baseball player
  • Walter Williams running back born 1977, American football player
  • Walter Williams centenarian 1854–1959, American who claimed to be the last surviving veteran of the American Civil War
  • Walter Williams journalist 1864–1935, American who founded the Missouri School of Journalism
  • Walter Williams painter 1834–1906, Victorian landscape painter
  • Dub Williams Walter C. Williams, 1927–2014, American politician

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