★ Tongass Narrows

Tongass Narrows

★ Tongass Narrows

Tongass narrows is a Y-shaped channel, part of Southeast Alaskas inside passage. The waterway is part of the marine highway and Alaska as such, use of the Charter, commercial fishing, and recreational vessels, and commercial cargo barges and tanks, kayaks and passenger ferries.

The proposal to build the Gravina island bridge over the Tongass narrows was postponed because of the national controversy over the "bridge to nowhere".


1. Geography. (География)

Tongass narrows is defined as a water body that extends from the canal Revillagigedo island Gravina In Clarence Strait. It is in the form of "G", divided into two channels on the island Pennock. On the Northern end of Clarence Strait. In the South-East it stretches from Nichols passage on the island to protect. The Eastern side is bordered by the Islands of Revillagigedo and Gravina Islands of the West. The Eastern side of the narrows includes the cities of Saxman and Ketchikan. International Ketchikan international airport located on Gravina island. The canal flows in a General North-westerly direction about 14 km 23 km. About 0.625 miles 1.0 km on West from the East islet, the lump, the width of the Tongass narrows is 0.125 miles 200 m, shallow water on the North side that goes out 900 feet 270 m from the top mark. In the middle of the channel, depth from 15 to 26 fathoms 27-48 meters 89-157 ft). On the Northern shore of Tongass narrows are steep and heavily wooded. The South a low, flat, wooded, with occasional open ground for 1-2 miles 1.6–3.2 km, where the land rises to a ridge of California.

In Tongass narrows is part of the marine highway in Alaska. Many types of vessels operate on the channel, such as Charter, commercial fishing, and recreational vessels, and commercial cargo barges and tanks, kayaks and passenger ferries. There is also a large seaplane movements in narrow waters, as Ketchikan is a regional hub of air transport in isolated communities. The Maritime restrictions are most prevalent around clam Cove West canal, Idaho Rock at the base of the coast guard Eastern channel and the island of danger for the North bar channel.

The geological formation of "green stone schist, Paleozoic" was noted at the narrows near Ketchikan on the Eastern side as well as on the island of Gravina.


2. Fauna. (Фауна)

Some representatives of the marine fauna noted in the Tongass are whales, sea lions, and herring in large numbers only salmon fishing in the Ketchikan district. Sometimes black bears were seen feeding on landfills in the city.


3. Offer the Gravina Island bridge. (Предлагаем Гравина Островного моста)

Offer the Gravina Island bridge, was a plan for the construction of a road bridge over the Tongass narrows from revillagigedo island to Gravina island. It became the subject of national controversy, and critics called it the "bridge to nowhere" during the attack proposed at a cost of 320 million dollars. The bridge, which would replace the ferry that connects the city to its major airport, was built.


4. Events. (События)

One of the marine events held here at the yacht club Ketchikan in the summer season every Wednesday evening and occasional weekend sailboat regattas. Christmas parade of boats and the island Pennock swim also known as boys island challenge two other notable events. The fireworks is held in a specific security zone at the scene of the barge.

  • Tlingit people and the namesake of all other Tongass names. Tongass Highway Tongass Island Tongass Narrows a channel by Ketchikian, Alaska, which forms
  • Island Light is a lighthouse on a small island near the entrance to the Tongass Narrows in Clarence Strait in southeastern Alaska. The western entrance to
  • managed by the Tongass National Forest. Pennock Island lies between Gravina Island and Revillagigedo Island at the eastern end of Tongass Narrows dividing
  • state of Alaska. It heads in a lake and travels 6 miles 9.7 km to Tongass Narrows The historic Creek Street in Ketchikan runs along the creek banks
  • located on the waterway. It is a small bay on the northern shore of Tongass Narrows Ward Cove Stream empties into the head of the cove, and is the outlet
  • George, who created the first sketch of Revillagigedo Channel and Tongass Narrows George Inlet is a deep indentation of the southwestern coast line
  • on Gravina Island, just west of Ketchikan on the other side of the Tongass Narrows Passengers must take a seven - minute ferry ride across the water to
  • after Ketchikan Creek, which flows through the town, emptying into the Tongass Narrows a short distance southeast of its downtown. Ketchikan comes from
  • island in the United States. Much of the island is managed as part of the Tongass National Forest. The island is relatively flat with numerous muskegs. The
  • Ketchikan International Airport is located on Gravina Island across the Tongass Narrows ½ mile from Ketchikan and is reached by a ferry service which takes

  • Island height above average terrain: 2, 234 feet 681 m across the Tongass Narrows from Ketchikan, KFMJ s signal provides maximum coverage to a wide area
  • across the Wrangell Narrows from the city of Petersburg on nearby Mitkof Island. The island lies within the limits of Tongass National Forest Petersburg
  • U.S. state of Alaska. It is situated within the Kuiu Wilderness of the Tongass National Forest. This bay is on the west side of Kuiu Island and opens
  • and higher than the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge would cross the Tongass Narrows part of Alaska s Inside Passage, so the bridge was designed to be
  • and rescue operations. First based in Cordova, she was assigned to the Tongass National Forest in 1953, and relocated to Petersburg. She is about 62 feet
  • settlements along Portland Inlet. The Portland Inlet takes you by the Tongass Passage Nass River mouth, the Observatory Inlet, Alice Arms and into Hastings
  • Arabia Tolo Channel narrow opening to the Tolo Harbour in Hong Kong Tongass Passage between Alaska and British Columbia Torres Strait between New
  • 22, 1986, and his remains were cremated and scattered at sea in the Tongass Narrows on which Ketchikan sits. A memorial headstone was placed in Sitka
  • January 14, 2004 03001378 On Guard Island, at the northern end of Tongass Narrows about 9.6 miles 15.4 km northwest of Ketchikan 55 26 46 N 131 52 52 W

  • YW - 83 Class Self - propelled Water Barge, sank when cargo shifted at Tongass Narrows near Ketchikan, Alaska on 12 August 1989. YF - 1079 was grounded and
  • so the tug General Kennedy Canada towed her to Pennock Island in Tongass Narrows where the fire burned itself out. One fireman was killed. The wreck
  • David Wallace. She stopped at Victoria, and then sailed directly to Tongass Narrows roughly the site of modern Ketchikan. She made her usual stops at
  • Juneau Ketchikan North America United States, Alaska Gulf of Alaska, Tongass Narrows 55 20 53 N 131 39 50 W 55.348 N 131.664 W 55.348 - 131.664
  • spectacular ensemble of marine and terrestrial life, is delimited by: The Tongass National Forest borders on the east and north east by the international
  • Description Ruby United States The 34 - foot 10.4 m fishing vessel was destroyed by fire in Tongass Narrows in Southeast Alaska without loss of life.
  • capsized and sank without loss of life at her moorings in 132 feet 40 m of water in Tongass Narrows in the Alexander Archipelago in Southeast Alaska.
  • 14 - gross register ton, 47.9 - foot 14.6 m fishing vessel was destroyed by fire in Tongass Narrows in Southeast Alaska near Ketchikan, Territory of Alaska.
  • 55.37500 N 131.73750 W 55.37500 - 131.73750 Lewis Reef in Tongass Narrows in Southeast Alaska near Ketchikan, Territory of Alaska. Royal Ulsterman
  • Description Irene United States The 8 - gross register ton, 26.3 - foot 8.0 m fishing vessel sank in Tongass Narrows in Southeast Alaska near Ketchikan, Alaska.
  • States The 8 - gross register ton, 30 - foot 9.1 m sloop was wrecked in Tongass Narrows in Southeast Alaska 0.5 nautical miles 0.9 km 0.6 mi south of Hollis

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