★ Copper River Highway

Copper River Highway

★ Copper River Highway

River highway copper extends 49.5 miles from Cordova along the old railbed of the copper river and northwestern railway. Construction began in 1945 and was originally intended to link Cordova with the state highway system at Chitina. The million dollar bridge, which carried trains until the CR&NW shut down of amp was converted to use the highway. This is one of two discontinuous segments of Alaska route 10.

The road extended only slightly beyond the bridge when the Good Friday earthquake of 1964 halted construction and severely damaged the million dollar bridge, collapsing the North span. Was made temporary repairs and the bridge continued to be used. Permanent repairs were not completed until 2005.

The first 12 miles 19 km of the road is paved, the rest gravel. All-wheel drive primitive road continues for 10 miles 16 km beyond the highway to the Allen river.

Highway 36 last mile was de facto abandoned in 2011 due to the washout of the approach to the bridge 339.


1. Route description. (Описание маршрута)

River highway copper starts on the marine ferry terminal of the Alaska highway in Cordoba. From there, the highway passes through the center of Cordoba, crossing several small roads and transfer of residential and commercial buildings. The road out of Cordova, and passes a large lake Eyak flowing to the airport, Merle pit of mud K. Smith. The highway continues through the Chugach national forest, and passes over the copper river and several small creeks. The roadway continues North, passing through a few miles of Chugach national forest, before reaching the million dollar bridges, highways North end.

  • The Copper River and Northwestern Railway CR NW consisted of two rail lines, the Copper River line and the Northwestern line. Michael James Heney had
  • unconnected highways in the U.S. state of Alaska: Copper River Highway Edgerton Highway and McCarthy Road Staff. The Copper River Highway The Milepost
  • with the Old Edgerton Highway and turning southeast. The highway continues through several miles of forest along the Copper River crossing several small
  • travel downriver from Chitina due to the erosion along the Copper River Highway The Copper River and Northwestern Railway and associated bridges were built
  • 318280 Copper Center is located on the Richardson Highway 4 south on the west bank of the Copper River at the confluence with the Klutina River It is
  • trunkline highway in the U.S. state of Michigan, running from two miles 3.2 km east of Rockland to its junction with US Highway 41 US 41 in Copper Harbor
  • trucks carry copper ore concentrate from the Dikulushi Mine in South - East DR Congo across Zambia and down the Trans - Caprivi highway to the copper smelter at
  • The Historic Columbia River Highway is an approximately 75 - mile - long 121 km scenic highway in the U.S. state of Oregon between Troutdale and The Dalles
  • highway is listed on the National Highway System. Various sections are rural two - lane highway urbanized four - lane divided expressway and the Copper Country
  • The Kiunga - Tabubil Highway is an all - weather gravel road that runs from the river port town of Kiunga through Ningerum and Tabubil to the Ok Tedi Mine
  • The Ok Tedi Mine is an open - pit copper and gold mine in Papua New Guinea located near the headwaters of the Ok Tedi River in the Star Mountains Rural LLG
  • dedicated later that year. While CR 513 Black River Road extends further south to connect with US Highway 2 near Bessemer, the National Forest Scenic Byway
  • Copper Falls State Park is a 3, 068 - acre 1, 242 ha state park in Wisconsin. The park contains a section of the Bad River and its tributary the Tylers Forks
  • Mississippian copper plates, or plaques, are plain and repoussed plates of beaten copper crafted by peoples of the various regional expressions of the
  • or river in the Ok languages family. It is a tributary of the Fly River Tributaries of the Ok Tedi include the Birim. The Kiunga - Tabubil Highway runs
  • Eagle River at 47 24 50 N 88 17 45 W 47.41389 N 88.29583 W 47.41389 - 88.29583. The ZIP code is 49950. Eagle River was a boom town of the copper mining
  • paved. Along its length, the highway passes through three of the principal river drainages in Interior Alaska: the Copper River drainage, the Tanana Yukon
  • scenery. The section of the River Road that follows M - 65 was added to the State Trunkline Highway System in the 1930s. The River Road was given National Forest
  • Richardson Highway before entering the Copper River Accessible from the Richardson Highway which intersects the lower main stem, the Tazlina River is generally
  • completion of the Lyell Highway It was not completed until the 1960s, causing the Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company to ship copper out of Queenstown via

  • northeast of Valdez. Accessible from the Richardson Highway which passes through Copper Center, the Klutina River and its tributaries are a major fishery for
  • are believed to stretch for more than 60km to Copper Queen area in Gokwe, passing underneath Ngondoma River Retrieved 16 December 2015. P Nyambara. 26
  • road in 1909 when copper mining began at Copper Butte and Mt. Glave. In 1911, 30 tons of ore were shipped from the mines. The highway was built by the
  • King s Highway 144, commonly referred to as Highway 144, is a provincially maintained highway in the northern portion of the Canadian province of Ontario
  • The Copper Plateau taiga is an ecoregion of North America, as defined by the World Wildlife Fund WWF categorization system and the Commission for Environmental
  • washboards and sharp turns. The route follows the railbed of the defunct Copper River and Northwestern Railway, and utilizes the spectacular Kuskulana Bridge
  • Highway 99, also known as the Fraser Delta Thruway south of Vancouver, and the Sea to Sky Highway the Squamish Highway or Whistler Highway north of Vancouver
  • the mouth of the French River in 1855. The river was known to early explorers as Riviere de Francais. Rumors of nearby copper deposits resulted in widespread
  • Powers. The highways travel concurrently to Rapid River US 141 in Covington Cul - de - sac east of Fort Wilkins Historic State Park east of Copper Harbor U
  • highways in the state of Michigan to be paved in 1961. In the early part of the 21st century, the state replaced the bridge over the Ontonagon River and

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