ⓘ Limaye


ⓘ Limaye

Limaye is a family name, common among the Chitpavan Kokanastha Brahmin community in Kokan, Maharashtra, India. The names Karandikar, Dixit and Khasgiwale are supposedly derived from the same clan. The origin of the Limaye/Karandikar/Dixit and Khasgiwale family is believed to be from the Western Coast of India, Maharashtra - Ratnagiri, a Southern District of Konkan - Maharashtra region.

Kul Daivat of the family deity of this clan is the Lakshmi-Keshav, located on the Charles, a small village near Ratnagiri. Kula Devata, a female deity of this family "AMBA Jogai" is located in the Central - Eastern Maharashtra, India. On the Gotra of people named Limaye - Karandikar - Dixit or Khasgiwale is Kapi. This group of people says that I belong to Chitpawan Kokanastha Brahmins.

In the past, several Limayes was royalty in the Maratha court. Family Limaye is the history of generations, Kulavatranta. He is regularly published in Marathi by using the Devnagiri script.