★ Polyrhachis nigra


★ Polyrhachis nigra

  • jerdonii Polyrhachis lamellidens Polyrhachis nigra Polyrhachis punctillata Polyrhachis rastellata Polyrhachis rupicapra Polyrhachis scissa Polyrhachis semiinermis
  • gibbosa Polyrhachis hippomanes - ssp. ceylonensis Polyrhachis horni Polyrhachis illaudata Polyrhachis jerdonii Polyrhachis nigra Polyrhachis punctillata
  • 1858 Polyrhachis gracilior Forel, 1893 Polyrhachis halidayi Emery, 1889 Polyrhachis hastata Latreille, 1802 Polyrhachis hector Smith, 1857 Polyrhachis hemiopticoides
  • pattaloongensis Micromonospora peucetia Micromonospora pisi Micromonospora polyrhachis Micromonospora profundi Micromonospora purpureochromogenes - produces the
  • 1902 Polyrhachis atropos Smith, 1860 Polyrhachis aurea Mayr, 1876 Polyrhachis aurora Kohout, 2013 Polyrhachis australis Mayr, 1870 Polyrhachis bamaga
  • Adaptations for Diurnal and Nocturnal Lifestyle in the Intertidal Ant, Polyrhachis sokolova PLoS ONE. 8 10 76015. Bibcode: 2013PLoSO...876015N. doi: 10
  • Anolis forbesi Anolis isthmicus Anolis microlepis Anolis milleri Anolis polyrhachis Anolis schiedii Anolis simmonsi Anolis subocularis Anolis utowanae Pristidactylus
  • 1804 14 Formica rufescens Polyergus rufescens Polyrhachis Smith 1857 698 Formica bihamata Polyrhachis bihamata Prenolepis Mayr 1861 17 Tapinoma nitens

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List of Indian Ants Hymenoptera: Formicidae Ants of India.

Geochelone nigra chatamensis. Geochelone nigra darwini Geochelone nigra vandenburghi. Geochelone nigra vicina Anolis polyrhachis. Anolis poncensis. Polyrhachis dives rectispina Ant. Polyrhachis is a genus of formicine ants found in the Old World with a large and contains many varied species including nest weavers e.g. Polyrhachis dives​, Polyrhachis jerdonii Polyrhachis nigra Polyrhachis punctillata Polyrhachis​. Pogonomyrmex hymenoptera formicidae: Topics by. Nigra. Toona. Toona ciliata. 10. Pseudomyrmicinae. Tetraponera. Rufonigra Polyrhachis species for example can vary from intertidal and. AntWeb Specimen: Polyrhachis nigra CASENT0915821. G. Brachymyrmex 42 nigra, Karav. g. Camponotus 121 nigra, Andre s. Catuglyphis 265 nigra, Latr. 8. Formica. 247 nigra, Mayr g. Polyrhachis 201 nigrata.


Polyrhachis is a genus of formicine ants found in the Old World with a large Polyrhachis jerdonii Polyrhachis nigra Polyrhachis punctillata. Polyrhachis pedia. Polyrhachis nigra Mayr, 1862. Polyrhachis nigrescens Karavaiev, 1927. Polyrhachis nigriceps Smith F., 1863. Polyrhachis nigrita Mayr, 1895.

Polyrhachis nigra Mbd The Ohio State University.

Species, Polyrhachis nigra Mayr, 1862. Species, Polyrhachis nigrescens Karavaiev, 1927. Species, Polyrhachis nigriceps Smith, 1863. Species, Polyrhachis. Channel Islands Portal Polyrhachis nigra. Polyrhachis. Prenolepis. Pseudolasius Pheidole constanciae nigra Forel, 1902​. Pheidole Polyrhachis exercita obtusisquama Forel, 1902. Polyrhachis.

Diversity of Ant Species Hymenoptera: Formicidae Advances in.

Polyrhachis hirta Polyrhachis juxtaspinosa Polyrhachis labella brunneipes Polyrhachis lucens Polyrhachis pallipes Polyrhachis relucens breviorspinosa. Micromonospora pisi sp. nov., isolated from root nodules of Pisum. Another species recorded on Polyrhachis is O. myrmecophila Tzean et al. 1997 in Asia. parasitized by Ophiocordyceps nigra Samson et al.

S4 Fig. PLoS.

Polyrhachis dives rectispina. Scientific classification. Kingdom: Animalia. Phylum: Arthropoda. Class: Insecta. Order: Hymenoptera. Family. Polyrhachis species. Polyrhachis. 7. 182. vicina. affinis Smith nigra Mayr. Wien. Z. B. G. 1862. S. nigra: Clipeus hoch gewolbt, bogenformig ausgerandet. 2 zahnig, unter dem.

Table S1. Geographic distribution of extant turtle species bioRxiv.

Polyrhachis hippomanes Polyrhachis horni Polyrhachis illaudata Polyrhachis jerdonii Polyrhachis lacteipennis Polyrhachis moesta Polyrhachis nigra. Semi claustral colony foundation in the formicine ants of the. F. nigra, dense cinerea, pilosa thorace postice attenuato squama Polyrhachis bihamatus, Drury, Ins. ii. pl. 38. f. Polyrhachis rufofemoratus, Smith, Proc. Search Results Wallace Online. Overview of Polyrhachis nigra CASENT0915821 from AntWeb. 3903 0290.pdf Antbase. Flavopectus flavus goeldii planidens pulchellus pyramicus nigra tener Polyrhachis. Polyrhachis. Polyrhachis. Polyrhachis. Polyrhachis. Polyrhachis.

Cheklist of ants described and recorded from New.

Wallacean Islands: Endemism in Ants of the Genus Polyrhachis Fr. functional groups in a Populus nigra L. entomocenosis in the Mitidja plain. Polyrhachis Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia. Emended description of Micromonospora nigra Weinstein et al. an actinomycete isolated from edible Chinese black ant Polyrhachis vicina.

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SpeciesPolyrhachis nigra. SpeciesPolyrhachis nigrescens. SpeciesPolyrhachis nigriceps. SpeciesPolyrhachis nigrita. SpeciesPolyrhachis nigropilosa. Species: Polyrhachis Myrma nigra AntWeb. Polyrhachis. Aulacomyrma abdita Polyrhachis. Myrmothrinax Myrmicinae. Stenammini. Lordomyrma nigra. Donisthorpe 1941. Myrmicinae. Solenopsidini.

Polyrhachis nigra pedia.

In our study, we deposited a group of Polyrhachis dives ants on a heated platform and de Wit Fabaceae, Morus nigra L. Moraceae, Citrus reticulata Blanco. Berliner entomologische Zeitschrift. Ants, including Tetraponera nigra, Crematogaster spp, and multiple species of Polyrhachis, all of which were foraging on extrafloral nectaries.

Monarch Image Library.

Polyrhachis jerdonii Polyrhachis nigra Polyrhachis punctillata Polyrhachis rastellata Polyrhachis rupicapra Polyrhachis scissa Polyrhachis sophocles. Nectary feeding and guarding behavior by a tropical jumping spider. Element waiting for Javascript to enable. If this message does not change within the next few seconds, please ensure you have javascript enabled for your. A checklist of the ants of China Magnolia press. Polyrhachis abbreviata Polyrhachis abdominalis Polyrhachis nr. abnormis SKR504 Polyrhachis cf. acutinota ANA071 Polyrhachis alphea Polyrhachis. CUIC Formicidae List for P The Cornell University. Polyrhachis is a genus of formicine ants found in the Old World with over 600 species. Polyrhachis jerdonii Polyrhachis lamellidens Polyrhachis nigra Polyrhachis punctillata Polyrhachis rastellata Polyrhachis rupicapra Polyrhachis. Camponotini SCAN. Terminalis Azteca nanogyna Azteca nigra Azteca nigricans Azteca oecocordia Polyrhachis nidificans Polyrhachis nigra Polyrhachis nigrescens Polyrhachis. Polyrhachis Dolichorhachis AntCat. Tetraponera attenuata Tetraponera nigra. Tetraponera binghami Polyrhachis hexacantha. Polyrhachis semipolita Polyrhachis decemdentata. Polyrhachis.

List of ants of Sri Lanka wand.

Mucronata – P. muelleri – P. murina – P. mystica – P. neptunus – P. nigra – P. nigrescens – P. nigriceps – P. nigrita – P. nigropilosa – P. Polyrhachis Visually. Curated hierarchies for Polyrhachis bihamata Drury 1773 Polyrhachis aureovestita Donisthorpe 1937 Polyrhachis basirufa Polyrhachis nigra Mayr 1862. Publications Christopher K Starr Homepage. Polyrhachis laboriosa and P. militaris are two tree inhabiting ant species, belonging to 1983, Foraging by queens of Cataglyphis bicolor nigra ​Hymenoptera:.

Polyrhachis nigra Ant.

People also search for. Kinds of Formicidae Discover Life. Polyrhachis Hemioptica bugnioni Forel Polyrhachis Myrma nigra Emery Polyrhachis Myrmhopla tibialis ita Santchi Polyrhachis. On the evolution of claustral colony founding in ants CiteSeerX. Polyrhachis nigra is a species of ant in the subfamily Formicinae, found in Sri Lanka. References. Polyrhachis nigra Facts. AntWeb.

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