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ⓘ A10

  • Breda A.10, a 1928 Italian single-seat fighter-trainer prototype
  • AmeriPlanes Mitchell Wing A-10, an ultralight aircraft
  • Aero A.10, a Czech biplane airliner
  • Antares A-10 Solo, a Ukrainian ultralight trike design
  • Fiat A.10, a World War I Italian aero engine

1. Military

  • HMS A10, a British A class submarine
  • Cruiser Mk II, also known by its General Staff designation "A10", a British cruiser tank of World War II
  • 10th Artillery Regiment Sweden, in the list of Swedish artillery regiments
  • Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II close support aircraft
  • Aggregate 10, a German World War II rocket in the Aggregate rocket family

2. Science and technology

  • Samsung Galaxy A10, smartphone released in 2019
  • A10 chipset, mainly used in Android tablet computers
  • British NVC community A10 Polygonum amphibium community, a British Isles plant community
  • Homeobox A10, a human gene
  • ATC code A10 Drugs used in diabetes, a subgroup of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System
  • Apple A10, a 64-bit system on a chip
  • Subfamily A10, a Rhodopsin-like receptors subfamily
  • AMD A10, an accelerated processing unit from AMD
  • HLA-A10, a broad antigen serogroup of the Human MHC HLA-A

3. Sports and games

  • A-10 Cuba!, a flight simulator computer game
  • A10 World Series, a proposed new global motorsport series
  • A-10 Tank Killer, a flight simulation computer game for Amiga and DOS platforms
  • English Opening, Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings code
  • A-10 Attack!, a combat flight simulator for the Apple Macintosh computer
  • Atlantic 10 Conference

4. Transportation

  • Ascari A10, a British car
  • Route A10, a London bus route
  • A10 class disambiguation, rail locomotives
  • Arrows A10, a 1987 British racing car
  • Bundesautobahn 10, also called Berliner Ring
  • List of A10 roads

5. Other uses

  • A10, the 10 acceding countries of the 2004 enlargement of the European Union
  • A10, an ISO 216 paper size
  • A10, the Metropolitan Police Service anti-corruption branch
  • A10 – new European architecture, an architecture magazine
  • A10 Networks, U.S. computer network company

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