BMF may refer to:

  • British Marine Federation, a UK trade association
  • Black Mafia Family, a former drug trafficking organization originally based in Detroit, Michigan
  • Bundesministerium der Finanzen Federal Ministry of Finance Germany), the German Federal Ministry of Finance
  • BMF record label, a record label based in Ireland
  • Boston MedFlight, a non-profit medical transport organization in eastern Massachusetts
  • British Museum Friends, a registered charitable organisation in the UK
  • B.M.F. Blowin Money Fast, a song from Rick Rosss fourth studio album Teflon Don
  • Be Military Fit, a UK fitness company previously called British Military Fitness
  • Bird–Meertens formalism, a calculus for deriving computer programs from specifications by a process of equational reasoning
  • Brain Mapping Foundation
  • BMF gene, a gene that encodes the human protein Bcl-2-modifying factor
  • British Motorcyclists Federation
  • Bundesministerium fur Finanzen "Ministry of Finance Austria), the Austrian Ministry of Finance
  • BMF, IATA code for Bakouma Airport in the Central African Republic
  • British Muslim Forum, a Muslim organization representing 500 Mosques across the UK
  • Budapesti Muszaki Foiskola Budapest Technical College, former name of Obuda University

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