ⓘ House-Museum of Mitrofan Grekov

House-Museum of Mitrofan Grekov

ⓘ House-Museum of Mitrofan Grekov

The House-Museum of Mitrofan Grekov opened in 1957 in Novocherkassk, Rostov oblast, Russia and is devoted to the exhibition of the Soviet battle painters things, sketches, as well as to the research and study of his creative output. It is an affiliate of the Museum of Don Cossacks. An historic building of the museum is considered to be an object of cultural heritage.


1. History

Battle painter Martyshchenko Mitrofan Pavlovich primarily known as Mitrofan Grekov was born in khutor of Sharpaevka, Don Host Oblast, Russian Empire on 3 June 1882. He graduated from Odessa art school and the Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts. Grekov is founder of Soviet battle genre. He spent in Novocherkassk 14 years of his life. Grekov lived here from June 1918 to 1931. At this period Grekov created 94 paintings include To the squadron with Budyonny 1923, Tachanka 1925, Mounted attack 1927, Battle of stanitsa of Yegorlyvskaya 1927-1928, the first Soviet diorama Siege of Rostov. Mitrofan Grekov had served in Novocherkassk for four years and three months. Novocherkassk period of activity has been the most productive in the painters biography. The opening ceremony of the House-Museum took place on 30 March 1957 23 years after death of Mitrofan Grekov.


2. Description

The house-museum consists of a wing, small orchard with parterre and the main building where painter was living. The exhibition hold sketches, studies, paintings and original furniture. Bust of Mitrofan Grekov is located in the courtyard. An easel, stool, sofa, armchair, closet are exhibited in the Grekovs workshop. Walls are decorated by the paintings and sketches. The museum has several collection of other battle painters.