ⓘ Angersbach


ⓘ Angersbach

Angersbach, originally Angerspah, is an Old Hessian surname.

All living members of this family are perhaps descendants of the noble family von Angersbach.

The meaning of the name is as follows:

Anger = grass covered land / middle of a Germanic settlement of the tribe.

RES = marsh / water.

ugh = the lake.

The history of this family dates 1.200 years ago in the German past.

  • municipality. Angersbach had its first documentary mention in 812. On 20 September of that year, a church in Schlitz was consecrated in Angersbach by the Archbishop
  • modern era the production ceased. In the 1950s the entrepreneur Georg Angersbach revived the wine production and laid the base for the current vineyard
  • Vogelsbergkeis, Hesse, Germany It is located between Lauterbach and Angersbach The tower, which now consists of stones, used to be made completely out
  • fountain. Hainigturm The Hainigturm is a tower between Lauterbach and Angersbach This tourist attraction was built in 1907. The Ankerturm a tower in
  • sections Ramsau Hippach Zell am Ziller 3.33 km and Kaltenbach - Stumm Angersbach Ahrnbach 2.0 km have been made double track. Some of the Zillertal Railway s

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