★ Haplaxius pictifrons


★ Haplaxius pictifrons

  • Haplaxius is a genus of cixiid planthoppers in the family Cixiidae. There are at least 60 described species in Haplaxius Haplaxius crudus is the vector

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Myndus pictifrons Stål, 1862a: 307. Haplaxius pictifrons Stål, 1862a comb. by Caldwell 1946: 203 also Emeljanov 1989: 62. Myndus sordipennis Stål. Full text of Memoirs of the American Entomological Society. No common name has yet been provided in this category nor in data ​Haplaxius pictifrons. Haplaxius pictifrons it Haplaxius pictifrons fr. Category:Haplaxius pictifrons media Commons. 0.47 1. Cixiidae. Haplaxius pictifrons. 0.00 0. 0.47 1 Haplaxius. 0.00 0. 0.47 1. Lygaeidae. Oxycarenus. 0.47 1. 0.47 1. Diptera. Syrphidae. Eupeodes. Species index Nearctica. Rhynchomitra recurva. Scolops perdix or pungens. Scolops perdix or pungens. Haplaxius pusillus. Haplaxius ovatus. Haplaxius pictifrons. Derbid Planthopper.

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Haplaxius crudus. 0.022. 0.023. 0.002. 0.004. 0.006. 4. Haplaxius pictifrons. 0.022. 0.023. 0.005. 0.004. 0.006. 5. Nymphomyndus caribbea. Species Haplaxius pictifrons. Haplaxius pictifrons Cixiidae and Bruchomorpha minima Issidae Wray. 1967, see Holzinger et al. 2002 for recent generic nomenclature for cixiids. Un. V.114 2003 Entomological news Biodiversity Heritage Library. Oliarus → Melanoliarus. Reptalus, Pentastiridius. Myndus → Haplaxius Burnilia prob. pictifrons Belize. Delphacinae: Saccharosydnini. Saccharosydne​.

Planthoppers of Delaware Hemiptera Semantic Scholar.

Dictyopharidae Flatidae Fulgoroidea Fulgoromorpha Haplaxius pictifrons ​Stål, 1862 Hemiptera Issidae Liburniella ornata Scolops perdix Uhler, 1900. 2016 Photos. Haplaxius pictifrons is a species of cixiid planthopper in the family Cixiidae. Haplaxius pictifrons Mili, The Free Encyclopedia Mili,. Homoptera: Fulgoroidea: Cixiidae jstor. Haplaxius pictifrons Iolania perkinsi Koroana lanceloti Koroana rufifrons Mnemosyne araguensis Mnemosyne consoleae Mnemosyne dominicensis. Haplaxius pictifrons data. Haplaxius pictifrons. Class: Insecta. Order: Homoptera. Family: Cixiidae. Sub ​family: Cixiinae. Genus: Haplaxius. Species: pictifrons. Literature Record: Count: 1. Haplaxius Visually. Cixius stigmatus Say, 1825. L. L. Haplaxius enotatus Van Duzee, 1909. S,L. Haplaxius ovatus Ball, 1933. S. S,L S,L. Haplaxius pictifrons.

1 record for Haplaxius pictifrons Avery County Hoppers of North.

Haplaxius LinkOut Click on organism name to get more information. Haplaxius crudus LinkOut Haplaxius deleter Haplaxius pictifrons Haplaxius skarphion. Heteroptera Species Pages American Museum of Natural History. Paramyndus cocois Fennah and Haplaxius pallidus Caldwell are synonymized with Myndus crudus Van Duzee sordidipennis Stål with pictifrons Stål delicatus​.

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Haplaxius Fowler, 1904:97 type designation: Caldwell, 1946:203 Type: Haplaxius laevis Fowler, 1904. Paramyndus pictifrons Stål, 1862. pusillus Van​. Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea: Cixiidae from coconut Magnolia press. Thionia simplex Issid Planthopper species. Javesella pellucida Delphacid Planthopper species, Haplaxius pictifrons Cixiid Planthopper species, Catonia nava.

Taxonomic study of the planthopper genus Myndus in the Americas.

Pictifrons racidis wheeleri sp. wheeleri spp. spp. borealis decens spp. Haplaxius. Van Duzee 1909. Stål 1862. Osborn 1903. Wilson 1996. NEA. NEA. NEA. Entomology Collection Detail University of New Hampshire. An online resource devoted to North American insects, spiders and their kin, offering identification, images, and information.

Genus Haplaxius Fowler, 1904 Planthoppers of North America.

Paramyndus cocois Fennah and Haplaxius pallidus Caldwell are synonymized with. Myndus crudus Van Duzee sordidipennis Stal with pictifrons St?l delicatus​. Haplaxius pictifrons - Discover Life mobile. Haplaxius is a genus of planthoppers in the family cixiid planthoppers. Haplaxius phylax Kramer 1979 Haplaxius pictifrons Stål 1862 Haplaxius radicis. Planthoppers of the Big Thicket in East Texas. 5. 14 May. Haplaxius pictifrons Stål. 42. 22 Jun. 22 Sep. Haplaxius radicis ​Osborn. 3. 28 Jun. 18 Aug. Haplaxius xyron Kramer. 1. June.

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Family: Cixiidae. Subfamily: Cixiinae. Tribe: Oecleini. Length: typically 4.8 5.1 mm. Haplaxius pictifrons is common in the summer months. The wings are. Fulgoroidea List The Cornell University Insect Collection. A Haplaxius pictifrons in Montgomery Co., Maryland 6 12 2018. Verified by Kyle Kittelberger BugGuide. Photo by Steve Scholnick. MBP list. A Haplaxius.

Planthopper Identification Planthoppers Taxonomic Overview Key.

Haplaxius is a genus of cixiid planthoppers in the family Cixiidae. 1933 c g b Haplaxius phylax Kramer, 1979 c g Haplaxius pictifrons Stål, 1862 c g b. Original Research Article Diversity and Abundance of foliage insect. Map of Haplaxius perrinei Map of Hapleginella conicola Map of Haplidus laticeps Map of Lineus pictifrons Map of Lineus ruber Map of Lineus rubescens. Cixiidae Cixiinae Cixiini Pintalia vibex Kramer. Crudis Caldwell Haplaxius Cixiidae Myndus crudus crudum Green pictifrons Osborn Delphacodes Delphacidae Delphacodes pictifrons Stål Myndus. Genus Haplaxius Fowler, 1904. The subterranean nymphs of Oecleus borealis and Hap laxius crudus were described Haplaxius pictifrons Stal, 1862a comb, by Caldwell 1946: 203 also. Haplaxius pedia. Haplaxius hochae OBrien, 2006 Cixiidae. HOST PLANT. Unknown. DISTRIBUTION DOMINICA Haplaxius hochae coordinates. MATERIAL EXAMINED.

Haplaxius pictifrons Maryland Biodiversity Project.

Haplaxius pictifrons Stal 1.4 6, as Myndus. H. radicis Osborn 1.2. H. slossonae Ball 1 6, as Myndus. Cixius stigmatus Say Oecleus borealis. SCAN Image Library SCAN Bugs. Haplaxius pictifrons. No description defined. Traditional Chinese. No label defined. No description defined. Chinese. No label defined. No description defined.

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