★ Ochthera tuberculata


★ Ochthera tuberculata

  • Ochthera is a genus of flies in the family of Shore flies. The genus is distinctive because of the swollen raptorial forelegs. The larvae are predaceous

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Diptera: Ephydridae Semantic Scholar.

Lake Worth Mrs. Slosson. Ochthera cuprilineata Will. Biscayne Bay Mrs.​Slosson. Ochthera exsculpta Loew. Ochthera tuberculata Loew. St. Augustine, Mar. Ochthera tuberculata pedia. Gortynae Monogonogastra fuscipennis Myrmosa unicolor Ochthera lauta Euphorocera cinerea Galeruca tuberculata Lina lapponica Merapioidus. Freshwater and Estuarine organisms in Pearl Harbor. Meet Ochthera tuberculata, one of about 13 North American species, and 40 species worldwide, of shore flies with raptorial forelegs. Theyre not technically​.

Ephydridae Aquatic Insects of Michigan.

The account of the variety, and the vix tuberculata, were absent from the Ochthera innotata, n. s. Foem. Cinereo nigra, capite antico flavescenti albo, pectore. Freshwater Macroinvertebrates bioRxiv. Biology and immature stages of three species of Nearctic Ochthera Diptera: Ephydridae. Other: Includes.

Ochthera Visually.

Watershed Distribution and Sampling Info for the Species Ochthera tuberculata. Chilogatee. CG. Purchase Area. JC. Lower Ltl River. LL. NC Fringe. TN Fringe. Ochthera tuberculata iNaturalist. Charlotte Harbor Mrs. Slosson. Hydrellia sp. St. Augustine, March. Ochthera tuberculata Loew. St. Augustine, March. Ochthera exculpta Loew.

The diversity of insects visiting flowers of saw palmetto.

Diptera Crane Fly, Gonomyia tuberculata. Diptera Dance Fly, ​Ochthera empiformis. Diptera Shore Fly, Ochthera tuberculata. Mapping Selected Taxon. 113, AK, Aporrectodea tuberculata, Animalia, Annelida, Clitellata, Opisthopora 1330, HI, Ochthera circularis, Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Diptera. A Revision of the Nearctic, Neotropical, and Palearctic jstor. Synonyms: Ochthera mantis tuberculata Loew Sturtevant & Wheeler 1954. Distribution Citations. 1954 Sturtevant & Wheeler. 1983 Stone et al.


Related Taxon Records 0 subspecies, 5 species. Congeneric Species: Ochthera exsculpta Ochthera macrothrix Ochthera rapax Ochthera tuberculata​. Appendix 1: Scientific and Common Names Hawaii Watershed Atlas. Ochthera tuberculata, Ochthera tuberculata. Ochthera tuberculata, Ochthera sp. Ochthera sp. Ochthera sp. Parydra sp. Parydra sp. Scatella picea, Scatella sp. North American Aquatic True Flies Flyfishing Entomology. Ochthera mantis. Ochthera is a genus of flies. Fossil nematoceran in Dominican amber. Sandfly, Lutzomyia adiketis Psychodidae, Early Miocene.

The diversity of insects visiting flowers of saw palmetto Arecaceae.

1, Insecta, Diptera, Ephydridae, Ochthera, tuberculata, Shore fly, Here Phenology. 1, Insecta, Diptera, Ephydridae, Paralimna, punctipennis, Shore fly, Here. Ohio EPA Macroinvertebrate Taxa List. Monodiamesa tuberculata Saether 1973 Monodiamesa. Monopelopia Fittkau 1962 Ochthera tuberculata Loew 1862 Ochthera. Ochthera rapax Loew 1862​. Ochthera tuberculata Maryland Biodiversity Project. The mounting phase of mating in Ochthera mantis. DeGeer species as prey of one captive species of 0. mantis tuberculata: small dolichopodid. Drosophila.

Diptera: Ephydridae.

Mystacina Gray, 1843, Chalinolobus Peters, 1866, M. Tuberculata Gray, 1843 And Ochthera exsculpta Loew, 1862 Insecta, Diptera placed on official list. Ochthera tuberculata Loew 1862 data Encyclopedia of Life. Ochthera tuberculata. Groton, Ma. Canon EOS 5D Mark II 1 200s f 13.0 at 65.0​mm iso100 full exif. other sizes: small medium large original auto.


Ochthera is a genus of flies in the family of Shore flies. The species Ochthera chalybescens has been shown to prey on African malaria vectors. 1922 c g O. subtilis Adams, 1905 c g O. triornata Cresson, 1926 c g O. tuberculata Loew,. OTU preview page for Ochthera tuberculata Loew, 1862 MX. Ochthera circularis. CN: none HN: none. Odontomyia ochropa. CN: none HN: Melanoides tuberculata. CN: Malayan livebearing snail, Malayan trumpet snail. AABAABA, BRACHINUS 6305097562 AALGE AALGE, URIA. Alpine 1 June 2001 C. R. Nelson 7259 Efferia, at night, tuberculata group female. field labels read T007 63 14 47 16 20 Ochthera collina head Deer Creek.

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427 Crania Tuberculata Nilsson, 1826 Brachiopoda Proposed Conservation By 3170 Lectotype Designation Of Ochthera schembrii Rondani Diptera,. Shore Flies Ephydridae Photo Gallery by Tom Murray at. Ochthera tuberculata in Caroline Co., Maryland 5 18 2019. c Katja Schulz, some rights reserved CC BY. Photo by Katja Schulz via iNaturalist. MBP list. Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society Vol 4, by. Agama tuberculata, Spix. X. Opiums, Cuv. O. torquatus, Melasis tuberculata? 2. Eucnemis, r7.E. capucinus Ochtera, Lat. Ephydra, Fall. Notiphila, Fall. Следующая Войти Настройки.

Systematic database of Musca names Diptera a catalog of names.

Not available. Ochthera mantis. Images not available. Ochthera occidentalis. Images not available. Ochthera pilosa. Images not available. Ochthera tuberculata. Amegilla walshii Apis mellifera Bombias separatus Bombus. 2411, Insecta, Diptera, Ochthera manicata, 0, 3, 0, 1, Czech Republic 4348, Mollusca, Melanoides tuberculata, 0, 36, 62, 6, Austria Germany. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Ochthera anatolikos Ochthera cuprilineata Ochthera mantis Ochthera melanderi Ochthochloa Ocyropsis crystallina guttata Ocythoe tuberculata Ocyurus. ANSP Entomology Symbiota Portal Ephydridae. Unique ID, Alt ID, Identified As, Country, State, Collecting Date, Collector s, Field Code. OSUC 319624 Ochthera anatolikos United States Ohio. 1936 06 10.

American entomology. A description of the insects of North America,.

Ochthera tuberculata is a species of shore flies References. Jump up to: ​Ochthera tuberculata Report. Integrated Taxonomic Information System. DocumentResolver DictionaryData5000.txt at master mlichtenberg. Obscurella Fallen Mimapsilopa 5 cressoni L. de Grosso Ochthera exsculpta 1 Loew Ochthera tuberculata Loew Psilopa dupla 10 Cresson Ptilomyia mabelae. Species Ochthera tuberculata. Rondani, 1856: 132, 216. CURRENT STATUS: Incorrect subsequent spelling of Ochthera tuberculata, Hydrotaea, 1866a: 79. Organisms of Hawaii - Images. Ochthera tuberculata Loew 1862. collect overview data articles maps names. habitat. World Register of Marine Species. URI: ​obo.

Ochthera tuberculata photo Tom Murray photos at.

473, Drunella tuberculata. 474, Dryopidae. 475, Dubiraphia. 476, Dubiraphia quadrinotata 1035, Ochthebius sp. adults. 1036, Ochthera. 1037, Octogomphus. ITIS Results of Search in every Kingdom for Scientific Name. Ochthera mantis De Geer, 1776: 143 as Musca UMMZ Insect Division Ochthera tuberculata Loew, 1862: 161 IL, MA Wirth 1965: 753, OH Scheiring and. Ipstaxa. Drunella spinifera, Drunella tuberculata, Drunella walkeri, Dryopidae, Dryops Ochrotrichia unio, Ochrotrichia weoka, Ochthebius, Ochthera, Octogomphus. Nelson field notes 1986 2017 Nelson Lab BYU. Shore fly Ochthera tuberculata Okay, technically, this is a shore fly, and… Shore fly Ochthera tuberculata Okay, technically, this is a shore fly, and its definitely. Ochthera tuberculata SCAN. Ochthera tuberculata is a species of shore flies.

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