★ Stenocranus vittatus


★ Stenocranus vittatus

  • the genus Stenocranus Stenocranus acutus Beamer, 1946 Stenocranus agamopsyche Kirkaldy, 1906 Stenocranus ajmerensis Joseph, 1964 Stenocranus akashiensis

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Genus Stenocranus Fieber, 1866 Planthoppers of North America.

Genus Stenocranus Fieber. tinctly wider than in Stenocranus with the sides arcuated. Stenocranus vittatus Stal is undoubtedly the same as my lautus and both. Title: Florida Entomologist ALL VOLUMES CITATION PDF VIEWER. 122, 1992, Diptera, Tabanidae, Chrysops vittatus, 8, 0, 2, 9, 2.8, 2.3, 57.96 122, 1992, Homoptera, Delphacidae, Stenocranus dorsalis, 1, 1, 8, 3.15, 1.134.

Stenocranus vittatus pedia.

Dolomedes vittatus. BIN URI: BOLD:ACI5773. Stenocranus felti. Stenocranus vittatus data. Cius, 1794 Ribautodelphax spec Ribaut, 1953 Stenocranus minutus ​Fabricius 1864 Gekko swinhonis Gunther 1864 Gekko vittatus Hout tuyn, 1782.

What is the meaning of Dirsana fieb, what does the name Dirsana.

Vittatus Stål, 1862 The subgenus Stenocranus includes S. felti Van Duzee, Stenocranus sandersoni Beamer, 1946, and presumably the European Stenocranus. Hemiptera species accounts. Stenocranus vittatus. Repentigny, Lanaudiere County, Quebec, Canada August 15, 2007. Walking on Carex, in my backyard. Is it possible to identify the species​. Stenocranus hokkaidoensis Metcalf, 1943. All of the hopper species recorded in NC, their distribution in the state their relative abundance in each region their periods of occurrence in the state and. Leafhoppers and kin NomolosX. An online resource devoted to North American insects, spiders and their kin, offering identification, images, and information.

S Matsumura BioNames.

Revision of Stenocranus Fieb. Hom. and its allied species in Japan Empire. Insecta Matsumurana. 9: Stenocranus vittatus. 1 1–11. JSTOR 25081787. Extreme positive allometry of animal adhesive pads and bioRxiv. Stenocranus minutus. Eastern. 06 04 2018 TQ22920452. 1 Count of Adult bugs. Stenocranus minutus. Eastern. 06 04 2018 TQ22920448. at master afilazzola. BOLD:ADC1499 Beetles Coleoptera. Sap feeding beetle. Glischrochilus vittatus​. Stenocranus felti. BOLD:ACV8473 True bugs Hemiptera. Delphacid. Category:Stenocranus media Commons. Distribution: Japan Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku. Stenocranus liokkaidoensis METCALF, 1943. Stenocranus vittatus!\1ATSUMURA, 1935.

Entomology Collection Listing University of New Hampshire.

A Stenocranus vittatus in Calvert Co., Maryland 6 11 2019. Determined by Kyle Kittelberger BugGuide. Photo by Steve Scholnick. MBP list. View All Images. Iom6 3.pdf Bishop Museum. Stenocranus sp.? Family Cicadellidae. Dorycephalus platyrhynchus Osb. Chrysops niger Mieg.? C. wiedemanni Krober. C. vittatus Wied. C, callida 0,S.

Category:Insects described in 1862 Visually.

Vittatus, 29. – semirasum, 358, 369 citrofasciatum, Xanthogramma, 202 minutus, Stenocranus, 241, 243, 245?Miscogasterinae sp., 34. Monteithocoris, 257. Pissonotus spooneri Morgan and Beamer 1949 Nomina Insecta. Jikradia olitoria in the U.S., with the other species Jikradia melonata, Jikradia brickelos, and Tinobregmus vittatus being rarely encountered. Stenocranus sp. Stenocranus pedia. Data item S. unipunctatus, S. vittatus, S. yuanmaonus, S. zalantunensis. ITIS Standard Report Page: Stenocranus. Stenocranus vittatus Matsumura, 1935:132.: Delphax vittata Stål, 1862​. Stenocranus hokkaidoensis Metcalf, 1943a:168 n.nov. pro S. vittatus.

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Species of insect. In more languages. Spanish. Stenocranus vittatus. No description defined. Traditional Chinese. No label defined. No description defined. Species Ranking. Stenocranus is a genus of delphacid planthoppers in the family Delphacidae. There are more testaceus Ding, 1981 Stenocranus tonghuaensis Ding, 2006 Stenocranus unipunctatus Provancher, 1872 Stenocranus vittatus Stål, 1862 ​. New names are marked with an asterisk abyssinica, Safaria, 189. BUTHIDAE. Centruroides vittatus Prokelisia crocea Prokelisia salina Ribautodelphax Sinella Sminthurides Stenocranus Stobaera tricarinata. Heteroptera Species Pages American Museum of Natural History. 252, Invertebrate, Arthropoda, Hemiptera, Stenocranus, minutus, Herbivorous Vertebrate, Reptilia, Squamata, Diplodactylus, vittatus, Predator, Predator, MD​.

Taxonomy browser Delphacidae NCBI NIH.

Stenocranus pacificus Kirkaldy. 32. Stenocranus nr. pseudopacificus Kirkaldy. 33​. Stenocranus Ugyopus! vittatus Matsumura et Ishihara, 1945. Mushi. Species List School Malaise Trap Program. Species, Stenocranus unipunctatus Provancher, 1872. Species, Stenocranus vittatus Stål, 1862. Species, Stenocranus yasumatsui Ishihara, 1952. Species. List of species sampled in 2009 PLoS. U. vittatus. U. annulipes. U. a. pisana. 41. U. ariadne. 42. U. apollo. 43. U. anatahani. 44. U. rotana. 45. U. eos Stenocranus agamopsyche. Queensland.


Archived from the original. Stenocranus vittatus. 1 1–11. JSTOR 25081787. Matsumura, S. 1935. Revision of Stenocranus Fieb. Hom. and its allied species. Argonne Bational taboratorg INL Digital Library. Not available. Stenocranus vittatus. Images not available. Stenocranus yuanmaonus. Images not available. Stenocranus zalantunensis. Images not available. NC State University Insect Museum. Oliarus vitreus Herpis incisa Liburnia fulvidorsum. Oliarus vittatus Herpis australis Liburnia unda. Microledrida fulva Stenocranus arundineus Liburnia shermani. What is the meaning of FIEB, acronym definition of FIEB. Stenocranus arundineus Metcalf 1923. J. Elisha Stenocranus breviceps Dozier 1922. Ohio J. Pseudoflatoides fasciculosis vittatus Metcalf & Bruner 1948.

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Stenocranus vittatus is a species of delphacid planthopper in the family Delphacidae. It is found in North America. A Synopsis of the Genus Stenocranus, and a New Species of Mysidia. Stenocranus vittatus Stål. Delphax vittata Stål, 1862: 315. Stenocranus unipunctatus: Beamer, 1946a: 5. nec Provancher. Remarks. The redefined species is. Ocypus olens Stinkande kortvinge Photo Gallery by DavidA at. Stenocranus lautus Van Duzee 1897 Stenocranus unipunctata Provancher 1872 Delphax Platycotis vittatus Fabricius 1803 Centrotus.

Mr. crawfords recent work on the delphacine by ep.

Discover Lifes page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Stenocranus Fieber, 1866 - Discover Life mobile. The planthopper genus Stenocranus in Canada: implications for. Stenocranus Codex lautus Van Duzee. 71. 6 Jun. 11 Oct. Stenocranus Codex vittatus Stål. 1. 18 Aug. Stobaera pallida Osborn. 8. 14 Jul. Stenocranus? Stenocranus vittatus. Stenocranus vittatus Stal is undoubtedly the same as my lautus and both are probably mere color varieties of dorsalis Fitch. Genus Dicranotropis Fieber.

No Common Name Stenocranus vittatus Maryland Biodiversity.

Stenocranus similis Mili, The Free Encyclopedia Mili, The Free Stenocranus vittatus is a species of delphacid planthopper in the family. J.1096 3642.1979.tb01102a.x.pdf. 9, Insecta, Hemiptera, Delphacidae, Stenocranus, lautus, Planthopper, Here 5, Insecta, Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Oxyporus, vittatus, Rove beetle, Here. Stenocranus vittatus. Stenocranus Codex similis Crawford, 1914 Delphacidae DISTRIBUTION USA Stenocranus Codex similis coordinates.

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