★ Ligyrocoris litigiosus

Ligyrocoris litigiosus

★ Ligyrocoris litigiosus

Ligyrocoris Litigiosus is a species of dirt-colored seed bug in the family Rhyparochromidae. It is located in the Caribbean sea, Central America, North America and South America.

  • latimarginatus Barber, 1921 Ligyrocoris litigiosus Stål, 1862 Ligyrocoris obscurus Barber, 1921 Ligyrocoris occultus Barber, 1952 Ligyrocoris slossonae Barber

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Rhyparochrominae of New England, a new species of Ligyrocoris to the very different L. litigiosus Barb. and other species, which lack the ascia. As all the. Ligyrocoris? Ligyrocoris litigiosus. Ligyrocoris. Facebook. Twitter GenusLigyrocoris. SpeciesLigyrocoris balteatus. SpeciesLigyrocoris barberi SpeciesLigyrocoris litigiosus. SpeciesLigyrocoris. 9548.pdf AWS. Ligyrocoris barberi Sweet, 1986 Rhyparochromidae. HOST PLANT. Unknown. DISTRIBUTION USA Ligyrocoris barberi coordinates. MATERIAL EXAMINED.

Ligyrocoris lion.

Photo 1363223. Ligyrocoris? Ligyrocoris litigiosus. Copyright © 2017 Salvador Vitanza. Ligyrocoris? Ligyrocoris litigiosus. Rio Rico, Santa. Essig Museum of Entomology Collections. Ligyrocoris litigiosus. Scientific classification e. Domain: Eukaryota. Kingdom: Animalia. Phylum: Arthropoda. Class: Insecta. Order: Hemiptera. Family: Rhyparochromidae. Tribe: Myodochini. Genus: Ligyrocoris Stål, 1872. Ligyrocoris is a genus of dirt colored seed bugs in the family Rhyparochromidae. There are. Arthropod Checklist Query Results Bishop Museum. Ligyrocoris delitus. Ligyrocoris litigiosus. Ligyrocoris litigiosus. Prytanes confusus​. Prytanes confusus. Prytanes confusus. Prytanes confusus. Prytanes confusus. Revision of the Genus Ligyrocoris Stål Hemiptera, Lygæidæ JStor. Ligyrocoris litigiosus Pseudopachybrachius basalis Pseudopachybrachius vinctus Pseudopamera aurivilliana Pseudopamera nitidicollis Pseudopamera​.

ITIS Standard Report Page: Rhyparochromidae.

Ligyrocoris Stål, 1872. Ligyrocoris litigiosus Stål, 1862. Myodocha Latreille, 1807. Myodocha froeschneri A. Slater, 1998:10. Neopamera Harrington, 1980. Hemiptera heteroptera de hispaniola republica dominicana y haiti. Associated taxa. Ligyrocoris litigiosus Photo c Jay L. Keller, all rights reserved C. Ligyrocoris litigiosus Info. Photo c Jay L. Keller, all rights reserved. Sizes. Organisms of Hawaii - Images. S 6281045907 LIGYROCORIS LATIMARGINATUS BARBER, 1921 S 6281045908 LIGYROCORIS LITIGIOSUS STAL, 1862 S 6281045909 LIGYROCORIS.

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Ligyrocoris litigiosus. 19. Evaporative area covering a considerable portion of metapleuron more than 3 rows of claval punctures 3rd antennal segment usually. Lygaeidae of Florida Hemiptera Heteroptera UF Digital Collections. Sp. ligneus litigiosus amplus. Casey. Casey canopy canopy. Coleoptera. Coleoptera. Coleoptera. Coleoptera Lygaeidae. Ligyrocoris. Ligyrocoris. Ligyrocoris. United States Department of Agriculture GovInfo. HI Ligyrocoris litigiosus Animalia Arthropoda Insecta Hemiptera Rhyparochromidae Nishida 2002 108075 True bug.​org pdf tr22.pdf. Appendix A. Species Lists. 1, April 1979. 5. Ligyrocoris litigiosus Stal This is a new state record. Slater ​Catalog of. Lygaeidae of the World, 1964 gives the distribution of. Photo 67830390, c Jay L. Keller, all rights reserved iNaturalist. Ligyrocoris litigiosus is a species of dirt colored seed bug in the family Rhyparochromidae. It is found in the Caribbean Sea, Central America, North America, and.

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Ligyrocoris litigiosus is a species of dirt colored seed bug in the family Rhyparochromidae. It is found in the Caribbean Sea, Central America, North America, and South America. Knb.92133.1. Species, Ligyrocoris diffusus Uhler, 1871. Species, Ligyrocoris latimarginatus Barber, 1921. Species, Ligyrocoris litigiosus Stål, 1862. Species, Ligyrocoris. HETEROPTERA CIMICOMORPHA 6280 THAUMASTOCORID. Belostomatidae. Belostoma fuscjyentre. Dufour. Miridae. Polymerus basalis ​Reut. Lygaeidae. Ligyrocoris litigiosus. Stal. Pachybrachius basalis. Dallas.

Heteroptera Species Pages American Museum of Natural History.

Ligyrocoris litigiosus. Stal, 1862. Heteroptera: Lygaeidae Synonyms: Plociomera litigiosus. Unknown. Bishop Museum Home Page. Copyright © 1997 ​2002 by. Species Ligyrocoris litigiosus. Lilia dilecta - Heteroptera: Anthocoridae. Ligyrocoris barberi Heteroptera: Lygaeidae, a New Seedbug jstor. Minutus Lestes ochraceus Lestes pictus Lestes praemorsus Lestes spumarius Lestes vigilax Ligyrocoris litigiosus Limnia sparsa Lispe sociabilis​. Kinds of Nearctic Insecta other Discover Life. Ligyrocoris litigiosus Hemiptera. AGARICUS: Ltgyrocoris nitidicollis Hemiptera ​. Cartodere ruficollis Coleoptera. 1etamasius callizona Coleoptera. AGAVE.

File:Biologia Centrali Americana Ligyrocoris.

English: Biologia Centrali Americana Ligyrocoris litigiosus Cut out from original Biologia Centrali Americana 8272535292.jpg shown. Arthropods. 225, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Pachybrachis, sp near litigiosus 858, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Lygaeidae, Ligyrocoris. Genus Ligyrocoris Stal, 1872: Lygaeoidea Species File. Should be placed close to litigiosus. Ligyrocoris obscurus new species. Form rather narrow elongate, dull, sparsely setose very closely resembling. Zeridoneus. ITIS Standard Report Page: Ligyrocoris. Sp near litigiosus Arthropoda Insecta Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Stenopodius Hemiptera Lygaeidae Ligyrocoris Arthropoda Insecta Hemiptera Lygaeidae.

Ligyrocoris pedia.

Ligyrocoris litigiosus Stål, 1862 valid. Ligyrocoris obscurus Barber, 1921 valid. Ligyrocoris occultus Barber, 1952 valid. Ligyrocoris slossonae Barber, 1914. Zootaxa, Arthropods of Hispaniola Dominican Republic and Haiti. Order Hemiptera Family Lygaeidae Ligyrocoris litigiosus Stal del.R.C.​Froeschner Records. Chihuahua: SocavondeSanto ent. This species was. Category:Insects described in 1862 Visually. Baranowski & Slater, 20 4 Ligyrocoris Stål, 1872 Ligyrocoris litigiosus Stål, 1862. Baranowski & Slater, 20 5 Myodocha Latreille, 1807 Myodocha. FAMILY RHYPAROCHROMIDAE Dirt colored Seed Bugs Urban. Ball, 1900. Omanana litigiosus Ball, 1901 Ligyrocoris latimarginatus Barber, 1921. Ligyrocoris litigiosa Stål, 1862. Ligyrocoris obscurus Barber, 1921. Further Studies on the Cavernicole Fauna of Mexico and Adjacent. Skimmer dragonfly. Orthemis ferruginea. Seed bug. Ligyrocoris litigiosus. Soldier beetle. Caccodes oceaniae. Sonoran carpenter bee. Xylocopa sonorina.

Full text of Revision of the Genus Ligyrocoris Stål Hemiptera.

Ligyrocoris litigiosus. Species List. An online resource devoted to North American insects, spiders and their kin, offering identification, images, and information. A new species of ligyrocoris stal with a key to the. Map LXXXXVIII Map LXXXXIX Distribution of. Ligyrocoris litigiosus. 136. Distribution of. Ligyrocoris slossonae. 136. Distribution of. Ligyrocoris barberi. Genus Ligyrocoris Stal, 1872. LSID icon urn:lsid ​TaxonName:481022. Ecology: Terrestrial. Citations 40. Stal, C. 1872. Ofvers. Ligyrocoris. Biologia Centrali Americana Ligyrocoris is a genus of dirt colored seed bugs in the family Rhyparochromidae. There are.

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