★ Leptogaster flavipes


★ Leptogaster flavipes

  • 1949 c g Leptogaster flavipes Loew, 1862 i c g b Leptogaster flaviventris Hsia, 1949 c g Leptogaster flavobrunnea Hull, 1967 c g Leptogaster formosana
  • Leptogaster abdominalis Hsia, 1949 Leptogaster aegra Martin, 1957 Leptogaster aestiva White, 1914 Leptogaster affinis Lehr, 1972 Leptogaster aganniphe
  • robberfly Laphria flava - bumblebee robberfly Leptogaster cylindrica - striped slender robberfly Leptogaster guttiventris - dashed slender robberfly Dioctria
  • flavifrons Haliday, 1840 flavinode Haliday, 1833, Aphidius flavipes Haliday, 1838, Alysia flavipes Haliday, 1835, Helcon flaviventris Haliday, 1838, Alysia
  • including Chamaepsila Chamaepsila rosae Fabricius, 1794 Chyliza leptogaster Panzer, 1798 Loxocera albiseta Schrank, 1803 Loxocera aristata Panzer
  • haemorrhoum Fabricius, 1805 Plesiomma jungens Schiner, 1867 Plesiomma leptogaster Perty, 1833 Plesiomma macra Loew, 1861 Plesiomma nigrum Macquart
  • laterepunctata Macquart, 1838 c g Laphria lepida Walker, 1856 c g Laphria leptogaster Perty, 1833 c g Laphria leucocephala Meigen, 1804 c g Laphria leucoprocta
  • Trypoxylon layouanum Evans, 1972 Trypoxylon lenkoi Amarante, 1991 Trypoxylon leptogaster Kohl, 1894 Trypoxylon letiferum Arnold, 1946 Trypoxylon leucarthrum Richards
  • Leptochoerus Leptochoerus spectabilis Leptocyon Leptocyon vafer Leptogaster Leptogaster prior type locality for species Leptomeryx Leptomeryx esulcatus

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The lower and upper understory. Leptogaster flavipes Loew was the most abundant robber fly collected, comprising 43.5% of total captures. Asilidab AMNH Digital Library American Museum of Natural History. Leptogaster flavipes. Shirley, Ma. Canon EOS 40D 1 250s f 16.0 at 100.0mm iso125 full exif. other sizes: small medium original auto. ITIS Standard Report Page: Leptogaster flavipes. Sanan, carbonaria Hippelales flavipes Elachiptera longula, costrata, clavatus Asilidae Tipulogaster glabrata Leptogaster, Cyrtopogon. Diptera. Leptogastridae with the type genus Leptogaster Meigen 1803. The common gaster flavipes Loew L. loewi Young, but he did not know that sternite 2 of. Category:Leptogaster media Commons. Leptogaster flavipes. Class: Insecta. Order: Diptera. Family: Asilidae. Sub family: Leptogastrinae. Genus: Leptogaster. Species: flavipes. Literature Record.

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Leptogaster filiventris Hsia, 1949 c g Leptogaster flavipes Loew, 1862 i c g b Leptogaster flaviventris Hsia, 1949 c g Leptogaster flavobrunnea Hull, 1967 c g. Leptogastrinae page. Domain: Eukaryota Regnum: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Subphylum: Hexapoda Classis: Insecta Subclassis: Pterygota Infraclassis:. Taxonomy browser Asilidae NCBI NIH. Tephrochlamys flavipes. Heleomyzidae. Tephrochlamys rufiventris. Heleomyzidae Chyliza leptogaster. Psilidae. Chrysopilus asiliformis. Rhagionidae.

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Leptogaster flavipes Loew, 1862 in the field. Leptogaster flavipes Loew, 1862 ​in the field. Image © Michael Thomas. Smithsonian Institution Terms of Use. Colwall Orchards Invertebrate Survey Peoples Trust for. Hydrophoria lancifer. Hylemya. Lasiomma. Pegomya. Asilidae. Laphria. Leptogaster. Leptogaster flavipes. Machimus. Neoitamus. Neoitamus flavofemoratus. Leptogaster Cylindrica High Resolution Stock Photography and. Journal article. biology of Leptogaster flavipes Loew in Maryland Diptera: Asilidae. Scrabrough, A.G. Sipes, G. Access the full text. NOT AVAILABLE. Leptogaster flavipes Loew, 1862 in the field Asiloid Flies. Altacola, californica, colcradensis, culta ventris, flavipes, fornicata, hesperis, hir tipes, murinus, nitoris, patula, salvia. KEY TO THE SPECIES OF Leptogaster OF.

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Leptogaster flavipes is a species of robber flies in the family Asilidae. Notes on the Variation in the Venation of the Species of the Genus. Leptogaster flavipes is a species of robber flies in the family Asilidae. References​. Jump up to: Leptogaster flavipes Report. Integrated Taxonomic. Leptogaster flavipes Loew, 1862 MCZbase Harvard University. Ablautus flavipes Ablautus rufotibialis Ablautus schlingeri Ablautus vanduzeei Apachekolos scapularis Apachekolos tenuipes Apocleinae Archilestris.

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Leptogaster incisuralis. There are two specimens in the Milwaukee Public Museum MPM labeled as this species from Wisconsin. This species, L. flavipes, and. Category:Asilidae Visually. Leptogaster brevicornis. Leptogaster brevicornis. N. Insect. Leptogaster coloradensis. Leptogastercoloradensis. N. Insect. Leptogaster flavipes. Leptogaster. Michael C. Thomas Robber Flies Asilidae Leptogaster flavipes. Leptogaster flavipes, as its name might suggest, has mostly yellowish legs, without the strong banding of several congeners Norm Lavers robber fly site. Biology of Leptogaster flavipes Loew in Maryland Free Download. Ang Leptogaster kay sakop sa pamilya nga Asilidae. Leptogaster flavipes Leptogaster flaviventris Leptogaster flavobrunnea Leptogaster formosana.

No Common Name Leptogaster flavipes Maryland Biodiversity.

Leptogaster flavipes Photo c Jenn Forman Orth, some rights reserved CC CC. Leptogaster flavipes Info. Photo c Jenn Forman Orth, some rights reserved. Leptogaster flavipes pedia. SpeciesLeptogaster flavipes. SpeciesLeptogaster flaviventris. Species​Leptogaster flavobrunnea. SpeciesLeptogaster formosana. SpeciesLeptogaster fornicata. Leptogaster definition and meaning Wordnik. Leptogaster brevicornis, A Robber Fly, Species, 68154. Laphria sacrator, A Robber Laphystia flavipes, A Robber Fly, Species, 73662. Asilus mesae, A Robber. Native Species 8 16 11. Leptogaster flavipes. Group. Common Name. Scientific Name. Insect. Leptogaster incisuralis. Leptogaster incisuralis. Insect. Leptogaster murina. Leptogaster.

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Hemipteran Leptogaster flavipes Signoret, 1861 is apparently a senior primary homonym of dipteran Leptogaster flavipes Loew, 1862. Additionally, the. University of South Alabama. History, ecology, identification and distribution of Leptogaster - Discover Life mobile. Leptogaster dissimilis Leptogaster eudicranus Leptogaster flavipes. Leptogaster wand. Lavigne et al., 1976 and Leptogaster flavipes. Scarbrough & Sipes, 1973. It seems reasonable to suppose that WF and WV behaviour provide similar types of​.

Leptogaster incisuralis wisconsinb.

For the recent Leptogaster budius Loew, based on the following characters: The L. annulatus Say, marinus and flavipes Loew, virgatus Coq., clavipes and. Morris tract provincial park Centre for Biodiversity Genomics. Leptogaster flavipes Loew. Ceraturgus dimidiatus Macquart. Echthodopa pubera Loew. Holopogon guttula Wiedemann. Neopogon trifasciatus Say. Diogmites. Get PDF A new name for Leptogaster maculipennis Janssens. Leptogaster flavipes Liancalus genualis Lysiphlebus Phlebus testaceipes Macrocentrus ancylivorus Macrocentrus crambi. Asilidae of Virginia Natural History Society. Source: ITIS 080509. Leptogaster image. Gary Alpert Leptogaster annulatus. Images not available Image of Leptogaster flavipes Leptogaster floridensis. Leptogaster flavipes taxonomy Arctos database museum. Kingdom: Animalia. Taxonomic Rank: Species. Synonym s, Leptogaster favillaceus Loew, 1862. Leptogaster flavicornis Wulp, 1867. Leptogaster loewi Banks.

List of Leptogaster species wand.

Species californicus coquiletti flavipes mimus undet. albibarbis armata bicolor bimaculatus cingulata grandis Lecania. Leptogaster. Leptogaster. Leptogaster. Manigaults Insect Slides Clemson University Digital Collections. Leptogaster flavipes Loew, 1862. June 2014 – brewsters linnet. com. Leptogaster badius Leptogaster brevicornis Leptogaster flavipes Leptogaster floridensis Leptogaster hesperis Leptogaster hirtipes Leptogaster incisuralis. Abt. 2 1882 Zoologischer Jahresbericht. Biodiversity Heritage. Dunes further north. Leptogaster cylindrica flavipes, has always been more widespread than the meadowland it may also cleptoparasitise Andrena flavipes.


Leptogaster: A genus of robber flies or Asilidæ, founded by Meigen in 1804, of reduvioid heteropterous insects, containing one Madagascar bug, L. flavipes. Taxonomic Filter: Raw Data Central Thesaurus Taxa Count: 6754. Mg. Xylophagus ater, F. Cusop Dingle Leptogaster cylindrica, Deg. Oreogeton flavipes, Mg. banks of the Monnozv, com mon, 3 July,. Leptogaster: CLASSIFICATION ADW. Aneomochtherus flavipes Aneomochtherus perplexus Antipalpus pedestris Antipalus Lasiocnemus londti Lasiocnemus lugens Leptogaster. A Checklist of the Diptera in the South Dakota State University Insect. Leptogaster degra. Leptogaster atridorsalis. Leptogaster flavipes. Leptogaster incisuralis. Leptogaster virgatus. Leptopteromyia americana. Leptopteromyia sp.

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Leptogaster Apachekolos Martin, Leptogaster Beameromyia Martin Leptogaster filiventris Hsia, Leptogaster flavicornis Wulp, Leptogaster flavipes Loew. Entomology Collection Detail University of New Hampshire. Females in the genus Leptogaster drop, singly, 1 to 8 eggs to The biology of Leptogaster flavipes Loew in Maryland Diptera: Asilidae. Zootaxa, Pupal cases of Nearctic robber flies Magnolia press. Leptogaster: flavipes favillaceous, testaceous?, pictipes, incisuralis, murinus​ caudatus, inermis, nigrofemoratus, patibulatus, sipho, sp comatus, flavipes. Species Leptogaster flavipes. Nice Leptogaster flavipes at LTH. Robber. Tuesday 6 24: Mary Cummings Park was fairly quiet. Not sure Ive seen a Bank Swallow away from.

A Survey of the Robber Flies Illinois State Academy of Science.

1914. Bowditch - Notes on Aulacophora Olivier. 133. Leptogaster loewi sp. nov. Similar to L. favillaceus and L. flavipes. Legs pale hind femora with traces of. TimeTree The Timescale of Life. SLAB72762, USNMENT00914197, Leptogaster flavipes, Asilidae, Diptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia, Torsten Dikow & M. Thomas & G. Brown & K. Bayless. Biology of Leptogaster flavipes Loew in Maryland Diptera: Asilidae. People also search for. Notes on aulacophora olivier and oides weber. Apiocera franckei Mydas clavatus Tongamya stuckenbergi Holcocephala abdominalis Leptogaster flavipes Laphria grossa Clesthentia aberrans Apsilocephala.

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