★ Terellia palposa


★ Terellia palposa

  • i c g b Terellia odontolophi Korneyev, 1993 i c g Terellia orheana Korneyev, 1990 i c g Terellia oriunda Hering, 1941 i c g Terellia palposa Loew, 1862

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Terellia palposa Species tetreuaresta timida Species terellia quadratula ​Species tephritomyia lauta Species tomoplagia biseriata Species. PDF 1798 K Canadian Science Publishing. Lonchaea palposa Zetterstedt, 1847. Lonchaea TERELLIA Robineau ​Desvoidy, 1830. sg. Cerajocera Terellia tussilaginis Fabricius, 1775. sg. Terellia. Channel Islands Portal Terellia. Fibrigella baliola Fibrigella palposa linogrisea Hydrophoria palposa Hydrophoria vagans Hydrophoria wierzejskii Terellia fuscicornis Terellia serratulae.

Terellia palposa OPSU.

Phora, Rivellia, Tephritis, Acinia, Aciura, Terellia, and Orellia, and adopting the and the below described Tryp. palposa from North Wisconsin the latter has on. Fruit flies names Encyclopedia of Life. Terellia palposa Terellia plagiata Terellia popovi Terellia pseudovirens Terellia quadratula Terellia rhapontici Terellia ruficauda Terellia sabroskyi. Checklist of the Diptera superfamilies Tephritoidea and. 28 palposa Fall. 29 albiseta M. XSO phaoptera M. OXYPHORA De. TERELLIA Dew. ANOMiENA Walk. Terellia Desv. Tetaneura 270. Tetanocera 271. The Fruit Flies Tephritidae of Ontario Centre for Biodiversity. Terellia Cerajocera tussilaginis Fabricius 1775 Orellia tussilaginis Terellia serratulae Linnaeus, 1758. Lasiambia palposa Fallen, 1820.

Tephritinae Mili, The Free Encyclopedia.

Terellia fuscicornis Terellia occidentalis Terellia palposa Terellia ruficauda Terenolla pygmaea Terestrombus fragilis Teretrina Teretriosoma chalybaeum​. Essig Museum of Entomology Collections. Lonchaea palposa is a small shiny blue black fly with scattered records from southern Lonchaea palposa Zetterstedt Notable Terellia tussilaginis ​Fabricius. CHECKLIST OF LITHUANIAN DIPTERA genealogy doczz. Terellia palposa That aesthetic. August 23, 2018. not mine kinda mine ​reblogs identification flies diptera fruit flies variety pack glamour shot. S 1141014 2 Entomology Arthropodology Scribd. 1941 i c g Terellia palposa Loew, 1862 i c g b Terellia plagiata Dahlbom, 1850 i c g Terellia popovi Korneyev, 1985 i c g Terellia pseudovirens Hering,.

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Terellia palposa Lw. F.M. 15. VIIL. Adults taken exclusively from blossoms of ​bull thistle. Straussia longipennis Wd. C.C. 3. VI VII. The sunflolyer maggot is​. Diptera: Tephritidae BMC Evolutionary Biology BioMed Central. Photos of Terellia palposa. Filter by Place. Order by: Faves. Faves Date Added. Photo Licensing: Any. Any Attribution NoDerivs Attribution. Category:Terellia media Commons. Terellia palposa is a species of fruit fly in the family Tephritidae. References. Jump up to: Terellia palposa Report. Integrated Taxonomic Information.

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571 pages of keys, range maps, host associations, illustrations, and other information about North American fruit flies native and introduced. Native Thistles Xerces Society. Y Strauzia vittigera 28616 1 5 Invertebrates species Y Terellia palposa 28617 1 5 Invertebrates species Y Terellia ruficauda 28619 1 5 Invertebrates species Y​.

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28615,Terellia. 28616,Terellia palposa. 28617,Terellia ruficauda. 28618,​Toxotrypana. 28619,Toxotrypana curvicauda. 28620,Urophora. 28621. Daftar spesies Tephritidae zero. Terellia palposa is a species of fruit fly in the family Tephritidae. List of Terellia species Visually. 7erellta palposa Loew. Michigan: geminata Procecidochares atra Urophora quadrifasciata Icterica seriata Neaspilota alba Terellia ruficauda Terellia palposa.

Phylogenetic study of selected tephritid flies Insecta: Diptera.

Wings bear four dark grey spots surrounded by clear hyaline spaces and with shadowy markings variously dis tributed. florescentie Linn. Terellia palposa Lw​. Hackney Marshes Ning. Domain: Eukaryota Regnum: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Subphylum: Hexapoda Classis: Insecta Subclassis: Pterygota Infraclassis: Neoptera. Node number gen code mito code division type good name. Hosted by the USGS Core Science Analytics and Synthesis. Page designed through the cooperative efforts of interagency ITIS Teams. Point of Contact:.

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Terellia Robineau Desvoidy 1830 Termitorioxa Hendel 1928 Tetreuaresta Hendel 1928 Terellia palposa Loew 1862 Terellia plagiata Dahlbom 1850. Download PDF Florida Online Journals. No. IRN: 850342. Catalog Subset: Diptera. Higher Classification: Animalia Arthropoda Insecta Diptera Tephritidae. Taxonomic Name: Terellia palposa ​Loew. Terellia palposa: CLASSIFICATION ADW. Terellia palposa Loew. Oedaspidiinae. Procecidochares sp. aa aa. Kobayashi 1934. Sturtevant 1925. Abbreviated references: Boyce, R. W. 1934. BISON Scientific Names T. Picture winged and Fruit Flies Ulidiidae, Tephritidae of. Goodwell and Texhoma, Texas Co. OK. Terellia palposa. Family Trephritidae Terellia palposa. June.

Retortamonas sp, Ancyromonas sigmoides,Apusomonas.

Webbi Doane, 1899. Terellia fuscicornis Loew, 1844. Terellia occidentalis ​Snow, 1894. Terellia palposa Loew, 1862. Terellia ruficauda Fabricius, 1794. Catalogue Zoological Collections. Myopites, D e Brebisson, et Terellia, Desv. Species 6, 7. Terellia, Desv., et Forellia, Desv. Sp. 8, 9. Xiissa 218 Notiphila 250 palposa 230. Full text of Monographs of the Diptera of North America Prepared. SpeciesTerellia palposa. To cite this page: Myers, P., R. Espinosa, C. S. Parr, T. Jones, G. S. Hammond, and T. A. Dewey. 2020. The Animal Diversity Web.

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Tephritoidea Tephritidae Tephritinae Terelliini Terellia Cerajocera Click on organism name to get more information. Terellia palposa Terellia tussilaginis. Ecological Archives E095 041 A1 ESA Journals. Terellia is a genus of tephritid or fruit flies in the family Tephritidae. Eutreta is Terellia palposa is a species of fruit fly in the family Tephritidae. Naturalism in Texas and Sometimes Other Places pterygota: i also. Toxura, Tephritis, Terellia, Acioia,? of all the European species, is represented in North America by Trypeta palposa only, besides Trypeta floret centiee Lin.,. Order Diptera Alien Travel Guide. Terellia spp. Family: Tephritidae. Source: 669084 Terellia armeniaca. Images not available. Map not Terellia palposa. Images not available. Map not. Tephritidae The Cornell University Insect Collection. Pegoplata palposa Stein, 1897. Pegoplata Meromyza palposa Fedoseeva, 1960. Meromyza Terellia longicauda Meigen, 1838. Terellia.

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Terellia palposa Loew ○. Terellia ruficauda Terellia p alposa. Terellia ruficauda. Terellia ruficauda. Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification No. 15 May. Taxonomy browser Cerajocera NCBI NIH. Intermedia,Strauzia vittigera, Anastrepha bellicauda,Anastrepha dryas, ​Anastrepha manihoti,Anastrepha pickeli, Terellia palposa, Chaetostomella. Smithsonian miscellaneous collections Smithsonian Institution. 0.1168. Diptera. Chloropidae. Lasiambia palposa. 1. 1. 0.24. 0.0396. Diptera Terellia tussilaginis. 1. 1. 0.00. 0.1342. Diptera. Tephritidae. Urophora cardui. 1. Terellia fuscicornis Terellia longicauda Terellia nigronota Terellia occidentalis Terellia palposa Terellia ruficauda Terellia serratulae Terellia tussilaginis. Terellia occidentalis C. andersonii13, C. canescens14, C. undulatum14. T. palposa C. horridulum13∗, C. pumilum13∗, C. texanum13,.

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