★ Nepa apiculata


★ Nepa apiculata

  • Decu et al., 1994 Nepa apiculata Uhler, 1862 Nepa cinerea Linnaeus, 1758 Nepa hoffmanni Esaki, 1925 Nepa remyi Poisson, 1961 Nepa sardiniensis Hungerford

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Distributional records for the water scorpion Nepa apiculata in the coastal plain of Georgia and Virginia, Freshwater fishes of an isolated, interdunal freshwater. SGCN Invertebrate Database - Nepa apiculata. Nepa cinerea. 2. Nepa hoffmanni. 3. N. apiculata. Fig. 4. Internal midlongitudinal view of sulcus of N. apiculata. Abbreviations: ap, apodeme cc, coxal cavities.

Arthropoda Phylum Idaho Fish and Game.

Curated hierarchies for Nepa cinerea Linnaeus 1758 this page. Nepa apiculata Uhler 1862 Nepa anophthalma Decu, Gruia, Keffer & Sarbu 1994. Water scorpion names Encyclopedia of Life. People also search for. Nepidae Aquatic Insects of Michigan. Water scorpion Nepa apiculata Hemiptera: Nepidae in northeastern. Wisconsin, 83 84. Cochran, Philip A. The return of Hexagenia Ephemeroptera.

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An experimental study on the death feigning of Belostoma Zaitha aucct. flumineum Say and Nepa apiculata Uhler. Book. Nepa – a plain colored but rare hemipteran gem The Incorrigible. Abstract: Two adult male Nepa apiculata Uhler Hemiptera: Nepidae were collected from Crawford Co., Missouri. This is the first substantiated report of this​. Life History and Laboratory Rearing of Nepa apiculata Heteroptera. Two nymphs of Nepa apiculata Kennebunk, ME. I gently scooped the small brown shape out of the water. At first I thought I had grabbed the.

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RCrawford. Richland. Columbia. 5 23 73. 10 24 79. 10 24 79. 10 24 79. 11 22 ​65. Sigara defecta Hungerford. Nepidae. Nepa apiculata Uhler. Nepa insect Visually. Home Search Collections Spatial Module Map Search Dynamic Checklist Taxonomy Explorer Images Image Search Batch Upload.

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Nepa apiculata is a species of waterscorpion in the family Nepidae. Water Scorpions Needle Bugs Water Stick Insects Waterscorpions. The water scorpion Nepa apiculata Uhler was considered rare in Wiscon sin by Hilsenhoff 1984, who collected only 11 individuals during a 25 year period. Categorie:Especes Arthropedie Fandom. D. Female subgenital plate laterally compressed, keel like. 1b, a. Body flattened, more oval in outline, Nepa apiculata Uhler. b. Anterior lobe of.

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Nepa apiculata. Ranatra sp. Ranatra nigra. Notonectidae backswimmers. Bueuoa confusa. Notonecta undulata. Pleidae pygmy backswimmers. Neoplea sp. First Records of Nepa apiculata Uhler Hemiptera: Nepidae from. In the eastern Nearctic is the only North American species, Nepa apiculata Uhler. Brooks and Kelton 1967. DISCUSSION. The two known species are.

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Higher classification. Nepa apiculata BioNet. Albicincta Territoires du Nord Ouest Chauliodes pectinicornis Corydalis cornuta femelle Corydalis cornuta male Nephrotoma lugens Nepa apiculata.

Nepa apiculata Waterscorpion Life list, Invertebrates, Image.

Curicta howardi Montandon, 1910. Curicta scorpio Stal, 1861. Laccotrepes ruber Linnaeus, 1758. Nepa apiculata Uhler, 1862. Nepa cinerea Linnaeus, 1758. What is the meaning of Zaitha, the name Zaitha means, Zaitha. This species does not belong to Nepa but to £accotreThes, since it is less broudly oval than N. einerea and apiculata. Nepa annulipes, Kolenati Meletameta. Nepa apiculata wand. Nepa species. HEMIPTERA: NEPIDAE. Nepa apiculata. Further information on this family Photo Album.

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After Nepa apiculata Harr. insert Uhl. P. 144. The record of Apiomerus ventralis has beenquestioned by several corres pondents. The data were taken from a. No Common Name Nepa apiculata Maryland Biodiversity Project. Neoascia metallica Neophylax aniqua Neophylax nacatus. Neophylax ornatus Nepa apiculata Nicrophorus defodiens Nicrophorus tomentosus Nopoiulus. Collection entomologique aquatique Marie Eve Garon Labrecque. Species Nepa apiculata ▷. May 24, 2020 ○ Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park, Carmel, NY 1. Genus Ranatra ▷. Mar 30, 2019 ○ Lebanon State Forest.

2Ciha Pechman taxa list 11.8.17.numbers Iowa Plants.

NEPIDAE. Nepinae. Nepini. Nepa apiculata Uhler 4.8.9. Ranatrinae. Ranatra australis Hungerford R. buenoi Hungerford R. fusca. Species Nepa apiculata. In the eastern Nearctic is the only North American species, Nepa apiculata Uhler. Brooks and Kelton 1967. DISCUSSION. The two known species are Следующая Войти Настройки.

ITIS Standard Report Page: Nepa apiculata.

Taxon Detail for Nepa apiculata Author: Harris 1862 Kingdom: Animalia Phylum​: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Subclass: Pterygota Order: Hemiptera Family:. 835428250 Nucleotide Result NCBI. Nepa apiculata. Image not Available. Ranatra. Image not Available. Notonectidae​. Notonecta irrorata. Notonecta undulata. Image not Available. Notonecta.

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In AGRIS since: 1995. Volume: 67. Issue: 2. Start Page: 216. End Page: 218. All titles: First records of Nepa apiculata Ubler Hemiptera: Nepidae from Missouri. Water Bugs Heteroptera State Hygienic Lab The University of Iowa. Media in category Nepa apiculata. This category contains only the following file. Nepa 2.048 × 1.528 697 KB. Retrieved from. HEMIPTERA HETEROPTERA OF MAINE. Nepa apiculata is a species of waterscorpion in the family Nepidae. It is found in Central America and North America. Source: pedia, Nepa apiculata,. Distribution of the Water Scorpion Nepa Apiculata. Worldwide, by far more diverse in warmer regions 2 in our area, Ranatra are widespread and the most commonly found, Nepa apiculata occurs in e. US, and​.

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