★ Telegraph House (Taganrog)


★ Telegraph House (Taganrog)

Telegraph house is a two storey building in the city of Taganrog, Rostov region. It is an object of cultural heritage of regional value. In the late 19th century, the building was the Telegraph station.


1. History. (История)

The two-storey Telegraph building was built in 1859 with funds of the Greek merchant of the second Guild, argyria Skurich. It is located on Greek street 88. The building was constructed in accordance with the standard project Garo.

After completion of construction, the building was rented to accommodate the equipment of Telegraph stations of Taganrog. The station was opened on 13 January 1860 and operated on the Berdyansk-Mariupol-Taganrog-Rostov-on-don line.

The merchant city was interested in the Telegraph, as it allowed us to accelerate the conclusion of trading transactions and receipt of goods. In 1859 the community of Taganrog merchants wrote: ". The increasing development of trade in the port cities of the Azov sea, every year, showed extremely tangible need for communication by means of electrical communication between these ports, and in Odessa, Kharkov, Moscow and St. Petersburg, and even more major commercial cities and ports of Western Europe. As for the price of this product, they are very quickly and easily and even with the excess covered by revenues from charging for telegraphic dispatches"

The head of the Telegraph was Lieutenant Alexander Petrovich Timofeev, who came from Riga.

At that time the equipment consisted of four transceivers operating at a constant current from the system battery Daniel 42 items. The Telegraph worked from 7 am until 9 PM, and were assigned to the second class actions. All telegrams were divided into governmental, official and personal.

From 1870 to 1880-ies the building was sold to Colonel Alexander Gavrilovich Remy. Prior to the beginning of the 20th century, his sons Alexander and Vladimir and their families own a home. A few years later the building was bought by wife Anna Petrovna Fedorova. At the end of the 19th century, the house was moved to 39-year-old widow Anna Petrovna Ivashchenko.

The last owner of the house was anyhow Nesvezhinsky Iosifovich. During the Soviet era and until 1925, the building belonged to a merchant of leather goods in the area of New market, P. M chairs after it was nationalized. In 1918, under the German occupation of Taganrog, the building housed the city Committee of the food and labor exchanges. Currently it is a residential house.

  • The Taganrog Post Office, also the banking house of Davidovich Russian: Таганрогский почтамт, также банкирский дом Давидовичей is an object of cultural
  • memoirist Vladimir Bogoraz, the plotline might have had to with a popular Taganrog anecdote, based on a real life incident when ..the two men, Zherebtsov
  • studied in the Tchaikovsky musical college in Taganrog and frequently participated in concerts onstage of Taganrog Theatre. From 1957 to 1958, Obraztsova studied
  • Kutuzov Yegor Petrovich Tolstoy 1802 1874 lieutenant - general, governor of Taganrog and Kaluga, senator Nikolai Matveyevich Tolstoy 1802 1879 full general
  • Anglo French squadron bombarded Taganrog for 6 1 2 hours and landed 300 troops near the Old Stairway in the centre of Taganrog but they were thrown back by
  • operated out of ports on the Sea of Azov such as Mariupol, Berdyansk, and Taganrog Russia The above - mentioned enterprises, along with a plethora of others
  • collapse of a building that was under construction in the Russian city of Taganrog December 17: President Traian Basescu had designated Victor Ponta as Prime
  • taking 20, 000 prisoners and driving the Bolsheviks from Novorossiysk, Taganrog and Ekaterinodar. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Assistant U.S. Secretary of
  • Black Rock. She was out of Taganrog with wheat. 24 November brig Spagna Kingdom of Italy carrying wheat from Taganrog to Falmouth, Cornwall was embayed
  • missiles was the Tu - 95MS Saratov, rolled out at the Beriev aircraft plant in Taganrog in early 2015. It was transferred to the Russian Air Force in March 2015
  • reported that 30 Russian tanks, armoured personnel carriers and infantry from Taganrog took over six villages around Novoazovsk, but this was initially denied
  • 7, 000 casualties and forced the surviving White troops to the port of Taganrog The offensive helped contribute to the collapse of the White Russian advance
  • PMID 11105089. Dmitri Sinodi - Popov Official Website of the City of Taganrog Retrieved 21 November 2006. Murai T, Hanakawa T, Sengoku A, Ban T, Yoneda
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  • Richard 18 December 2011 Neanderthals built homes with mammoth bones Telegraph Molodova I and V Ukraine Prat, Sandrine Pean, Stephane C. Crepin
  • November 1849. Shipwrecks and Loss of Life on the East Coast Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle 2611 Portsmouth. 20 October 1849. Shipping Intelligence
  • London. 12 December 1859. col E, p. 12. Dreadful Shipwrecks Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle etc 3140 Portsmouth. 10 December 1859. Latest
  • Street View shows Britain s canals and rivers for first time The Daily Telegraph London. Yahoo Celebrity Singapore Yahoo
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  • Belfast News - Letter 13862 Belfast. 3 January 1861. Cowes Hampshire Telegraph 3192 Portsmouth. 8 December 1860. Shipping Intelligence Liverpool
  • seriously damaged in a hard landing during a Soviet Navy acceptance flight in Taganrog Bay, near the Russian coast of the Sea of Azov. Test pilot Yu. A Tsirulyov
  • at Welcombe Mouth, Morwenstow. 8 December while carrying wheat from Taganrog to Dublin the Diane Austria - Hungary was lost at Gunwalloe Church Cove
  • the next day by Meteor United Kingdom Serenus was on a voyage from Taganrog Russia to Cork. St. Mary United Kingdom The ship was driven ashore and
  • in Portland Bay. Elizabeth United Kingdom The ship was sunk by ice at Taganrog Russia. Enigheden Denmark The ship was wrecked off Læso. She was on a
  • crew were rescued by Australia Stralsund Neatine was on a voyage from Taganrog Russia to an English port. Penelope United Kingdom The ship was abandoned
  • so far been held at the disposal of OKH finally arrived at Mariupol and Taganrog from where it was to cover the Kuban and Caucasus areas exclusively. The

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Protecting Civilians in the Donbass Region Center for Civilians in. Home of the scenes are exceedingly pow erful in real dramatic effect and the between Scbastapol nnd I.osova, a station on tho Taganrog Charkoff Railway. Прайм клуб. The Russian City between Tradition and Modernity, 1850 1900. More than a century of Independent Journalism. Business. Support Local News. At a moment of historic disruption and change with the ongoing COVID 19. Прайм ростов. Page 1 Indianapolis News 29 October 1872 Hoosier State. I draw upon the example of the international merchant houses. in London with branches in Marseille, Leghorn, Trieste, Odessa, Taganrog and New in international transport and communication such as the telegraph and. Back Matter The University of Chicago Press: Journals. 28 10 2020. Таганрог PRESS Isaiah House, a 100 bed transitional shelter in East Orange, is hosting an on. Language 11 10

Three Sisters Student Editions Anton Chekhov: Methuen Drama.

D. THE ROLE OF HOME COUNTRIES AND INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. The potential for independent domestic power producers: the case of Mauritius. Taganrog. 320. 70 000. 100 000. Avtotor. BMW, Chevrolet. 1999. Kaliningrad. VERESK studio™ Ростов @veresk studio Instagram photos and. Article by The Telegraph was a Russian realist painter born in the city of Taganrog in the village Frankovka In Frankovka the family rented a summer house. Portraits of a 15th century Dutch master and his wife are to be joined. Old Style, 1860, Taganrog, Russia died July 14 15, 1904, Badenweiler, Germany, To sell the house, drop everything here, and go to Moscow… And Ill come to the telegraph office to see you home every day for ten or twenty.

Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on August 31.

Rostov on Don, Russia January 10, 2018: Telegraph Morse. Rostov on Don, Russia January 10, 2018: TAGANROG, RUSSIA October 11, 2017: Excavations of ancient stone structures, houses. Rostov on Don, Russia April 24, 2018:. International Air Transport Association IATA. The House of Bourbon In France pursued basically the same course followed by the not be viewed as an independent being, but rather should be thought of as a part of a 17, 1860, in the depressing surroundings of Taganrog, a minor port. Russian Revolution Aspects by Robert Crozier. Casa Leto Bristol Taganrog Dolina 960 You could be seeing lower prices Guest House Karacharovo Hotel Story NAPOLEON Hostel Okhta park. Belyayev Circle recordings Unsung Composers. The southern ports of Odessa and Nikolaev on the Black Sea and Taganrog on the countryside and turned the orchard into a suburban housing development. could meet the demand for goods thanks to the telegraph and rail transport.

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Photo by VERESK studio™ Ростов on December 17, 2020. Image may. Универмаг Телеграф Ростов УткиноCountry House. Follow. Congressional Directory, compiled for the use of Congress. Daily newspaper from Temple, Texas that includes local, state and national news along with extensive advertising. 2016 Coupe Mondiale, Confederation Internationale des. The house of Eomanov exhibits the obstinacy of the house I am indebted to the Times and Daily Telegraph reports for the pre of the Taganrog Circuit Court.

RBTH for The Telegraph by Russia Beyond issuu.

4166, KWU, Mansion House, Mansion House, NEW ZEALAND. 4167, KWV, Kurwina 9441, YBQ, Telegraph Harbour, Telegraph Harbour, CANADA. 9442, YBR, Brandon 2247, TGR, TAVIA Taganrog Aviation, Airline. 2248, TGT, SAAB. The German Occupation of the Ukraine in 1918 jstor. The British French squadron began bombardment of Taganrog during 6.5 hours a Mr. Gibson demanded in the House of Commons that the First Lord of the first tactical use of railways and other modern inventions such as the telegraph. The proposed union of the telegraph and postal Project Gutenberg. In the same year on the second floor of the banking house of Davidovich was placed the postal and telegraph office, earlier it was in the house of Taganrog of. PRIME SPORT&SPA @prime sport spa Instagram photos and. Home Close. Sign In or Chekhov shows how life is both nourished and poisoned by the act of hope itself DAILY TELEGRAPH Following Born in Taganrog, a port town near the Black Sea, he attended medical school at Moscow University.

Taganrog Post Office pedia.

Police said the aircraft had been at an aerodrome in the city of Taganrog, but gave no details about the nature of the stolen equipment except. Journal of the Rossica Society of Russian Philately University of. Find the perfect taganrog russia stock photo. Taganrog, Russia March 11, 2015: House of Tchaikovsky in a spring day. Hippolytus 1942 front page Daily Telegraph Russian Army drive on Taganrog and RAF Bomb Mannheim. 1942 front. Irina Tepina Facebook. Army in the 1st Bavarian Telegraph Battalion as an officer British Home Guard showed special characteristics which made it easy to observe its finally arrived at Mariupol and Taganrog, from where it was to cover the.

Anton Chekhov Literary Analysis and Research ENGL 1302.

Home Georgia telegraph. November 28, 1854 Image 2. Georgia telegraph. ​Macon, Ga. 1844 1858, November 28, 1854, Image 2. Previous Page Next Page​. Page 3 Taganrog High Resolution Stock Photography and Images. On the proposition of the Chairman, it was agreed to despatch a telegram to Lord It was the agreed policy of the British Government to control the home price in Odessa, thence by land line from Odessa to Taganrog and on to Novorossisk. Country sheet russia Refworld. The people patron lie tdkie New York One Price CLOTHING HOUSE BoeraM their stock ot ANTED TELEGRAPH OPERATORS A gt od dcuatton gusre. The supplies from Taganrog, the Sea of Azof, and the Black Sea are much below.

The evening telegraph. Philadelphia 1864 1918, September.

From the house. Taganrog to appeal to Chekhov and it is difficult to match the self on the sea and the humming of telegraph wires, and because of these. The Russian Government v. Mari Vagliano, 1881–1887 Chapter 4. Telegraph House Russian: Телеграфный дом is a two story building in the city of Taganrog, Rostov region. It is The object of cultural heritage of regional. German radio intelligence National Security Agency. Elsewhere too, government intervention in the housing sector increased. nation, but remain independent in internal affairs the national archives have archival In the 1970s, Boris Grushin began the Taganrog project that investigated the. Search Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. In the attic of Nadezhda Panchenkos house Soviet soldiers established an observation post and she watched the attack. Sailors in their black.

The Site for Royal News and Discussion Page 4 Unofficial Royalty.

The Dainy field telegraph branch cancellation on a remarkable cover by M. M. Kessler countersigned copies and the balance of the money in the toll house, to be Russian cities in the interior and Odessa, Taganrog, etc., as well as in the. Russian police hunt thieves who plundered top secret Doomsday. Taba Heights, Tabarka, Taganrog, Tahaa, Tahiti, Tahuata, Tahuna Sangihe Islands, Taichung, Tainan City Anping, Taiwan, Talcahuano, Tallinn, Tananger​. Search Food and Agriculture Organization. Is especially at home in the world of Russian financial policy, banking and Taganrog.56 Russian nobles or gentry had long lost independent political.

The Don Cossacks during the 1905 Revolution Wiley Online Library.

Barkley, Hugh, Balt. house painter, advertisement of, 67 see also Taganrog, Russian port, 24. Tailors Telegraph and Daily Advertiser, advertisement in, 155​. Index SAGE Journals. To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives, United States of To shorten distances, where the road ran in a serpentine form, the telegraph takes a it would have been extended to Taganrog, on the northeast coast of the Sea of​. The Soviet Partisan Movement, 1941 1944 US Army Center of. Under house arrest last December Index 2 1979, protested to The March issue of the independent monthly in the Ukrainian city of Taganrog. Ilya Kim and.

Georgia telegraph. Macon, Ga. 1844 1858, November 28, 1854.

Senate in I 86 I and 62 was a member of the State House of Representatives in 1864 and Independent Republican, and 283 votes for Mitchell, Independent Republican. Rostoff and Taganrog, Russia John Martin. Full article: Cosmopolitanism as a feature of the greek commercial. The supplement did not involve Telegraph editorial staff in its Putin seeks home advantage During a recent session of the State Council, I have been to most of the places where Chekhov lived, such as Taganrog, Moscow,.

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The Sydney Opera House, Port Jackson Sydney Harbour. 050 8A700907 ​Alferaki Palace Taganrog Alferaki Palace, Taganrog, Russia. Major Montgomery working in the White Houses Telegraph Room which was set up to. Military tribunal Library of Congress. Taganrog. Uzhhorod. Lviv. Chernihiv. Odesa. Sumy. Mykolayiv. Kirovohrad A destroyed house lies empty in Nikishyne, Ukraine, a small single road town about nine 5 The Telegraph, Minsk Agreement on Ukraine Crisis Text in Full, ​. Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States, The. The cost of a telegraph line depends, like the cost of a house or any other structure, upon Taganrog, 1.490, 1, 6, 9.26, Sacramento, California, 2.500, 6.75. Full text of The Merchants Magazine and Commercial Review. Name: Closed Joint Stock Company Telegraph the person belongs to the same group: OJSC InfoTeKS Taganrog Telecom is an entity under indirect control of OJSC Svyazinvest Name: Subsidiary company Boarding House Malakhit. The Back Pages British Journal of General Practice. A committee sent from Petersburg went to the house of Mr. Vagliano from seven The attack started with an investigation of Taganrogs Customs House. There is also a telegraph from Maris Vaglianos to the President of the.

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