ⓘ Idelson Pharmacy

Idelson Pharmacy

ⓘ Idelson Pharmacy

The Idelson Pharmacy is a landmark in the city of Taganrog, Rostov Region, Russia, located in Krasny Pereulok 23. The modern name is Pharmacy No.53. According to Decision No.301 of 18 November 1992, the house where Idelsons pharmacy was located recognized as an object of the cultural heritage of the regional values.


1. History

In the beginning, Ruvim Robert Borisovich Idelson rented a room on the modern Chekhov Street for the location of his pharmacy. Then, to develop his own business, he bought a two-story house with the same pharmacy on the first floor in 1884. Over time, Idelsons pharmacy became the best in the city of Taganrog. Until now, the image of the label from the pharmacy of Idelson has been preserved.

The nationalization of the pharmacy took place on 20 June, 1920. 9 people worked in the pharmacy room, I. B. Nankin was appointed to the post of the head pharmacist. The house became known as pharmacy No. 53 and continued its work. Since the late 1980s is a part of GPP "Pharmacy".


2. Family of pharmacist

  • Daughter - Roza Robertovna Idelson, published plays in the periodicals of Taganrog, the wife of the surgeon and Hero of Labor V.V. Zak.
  • The children of his cousin are writers E. Ya. Tarakhovskaya, S. Ya. Parnok and V. Ya. Parnakh.
  • Son - Vladimir Robertovich Idelson 1881, Russian lawyer, author of monographs "Insurance Law" 1907 and "Credit, Banks and Exchange: Lectures read to students of the economic department of St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute of Emperor Peter the Great in 1913 -14 years "1914. Emmigrated to England, naturalised as a British citizen in 1930 and became the first Russian admitted to the English Bar

3. Description

Elements that were created to decorate the facade, were located without a certain symmetry. These were bas-reliefs, lancet windows, thin columns. The exterior of the house was made in a style similar to Gothic.