★ Taganrog lighthouse

Taganrog lighthouse

★ Taganrog lighthouse

Taganrog lighthouse lost lighthouse in Taganrog, Rostov region, located near the monument to Peter the great and destroyed in 1970, because he was in critical condition.


1. History. (История)

The first lighthouse in Taganrog was built in 1770. Then, for unknown reasons, he ceased to exist. In 1877 there were two resolutions of 5 July and 24 October, under which the Department of the sea to build a lighthouse on a total area of 625 square yards. In addition, he was placed on an area of 750 square yards at the disposal of the Department by breaking the garden around the lighthouse. At the same time, there was only one condition laid: people will have free access to the garden. The stone lighthouse was built in 1878. The work was carried out under the supervision of N. A. Arkas. On the building of the lighthouse was a sign that read: "it was built in 1878 on the main commander of the black sea fleet and ports, General-adjutant, Admiral Nikolay Arkas".

March 9, 1909 the kerosene light on the lighthouse was replaced by electric. Production capacity was due to the work of the substation, which was established in the building in the garden. The lighthouse was discontinued in the autumn of 1941 in connection with the occupation of the city, and resumed in August 1943, after liberation.

In August 1970, the lighthouse was demolished due to their dilapidated condition. In its place appeared a section of metal mast with fire. From the architectural ensemble of the lighthouse has survived only buildings that were nearby - housing for naval officers in the guardhouse at the gate.


2. Description. (Описание)

The garden, which was founded near the lighthouse, there were several buildings. To the left of it was built one-storey house with a low plinth. The facade was decorated with semicircular Windows. Rectangular niches were located on them. To the right of the lighthouse, the building, owned by the officers of the Navy Department. It had a rectangular window in the basement was equipped. In the garden was a weather station.

The height of the lighthouse was 22 feet, with a wall thickness of 1 meter. Lighthouse took the form of a cylinder, gradually tapers from bottom to top. On the stone walls of the building were made of a rectangular window. Two viewing platforms, which were located in the uppermost part of the object was developed in the form of stone benches. To protect them we use metal bars. The upper part of the lighthouse was glazed. There was a lantern that was used to feed signals to the courts in the evening night. In bad weather it helped the courts to find the path to the dock, more dimensional objects - avoid small. On top of the lighthouse was erected the dome with a ball and vane. The light beams of the lighthouse to work on a range of 35 -40 miles. The absolute level of the lamp in the Lighthouse was 70 metres above the sea level.

  • Weather station Taganrog Russian: Метеостанция Таганрог is an institution created for carrying out weather observations. The current address is 143
  • which was man - made on a sand bank in the Gulf of Taganrog on Azov Sea in about 2 kilometers from the Taganrog Fortress. Its sole purpose was to support the
  • cape situated at the northern part of Taganrog Bay of Azov Sea. It is also the place of the old part of Taganrog city, which itself was named after the
  • brand new system of lighthouses in the shallow waters near Taganrog and along Azov Sea coast to replace old equipment. In Taganrog he introduced the new
  • there was a cafe Lighthouse which was in great demand among tourists. The sea stairs overlooks a beautiful view of the Taganrog Bay. The need for the
  • commander of the Russian Baltic Fleet, Governor of the Russian Far East, Taganrog and Russian America. Johan Hampus Furuhjelm was born into a Swedish - speaking
  • Russia include: Coast in Taganrog Novorossiysk Bay, Path on Mashuk mountain, Mole in Tagnrog, Lighthouse at night, Taganrog Stairs. He painted a number
  • 2009. Ya. Ivanyuk and Yu. Pogoda After Poltava in Russian A. P. Chekhov Taganrog in Russian Petrov, V.P. 1964 Geography of the Soviet Union: Physical
  • permanent tensions on the lease details including often reported issue of lighthouse control continued. The Fleet s main base is still situated in the Crimean
  • Black Rock. She was out of Taganrog with wheat. 24 November brig Spagna Kingdom of Italy carrying wheat from Taganrog to Falmouth, Cornwall was embayed

  • at Welcombe Mouth, Morwenstow. 8 December while carrying wheat from Taganrog to Dublin the Diane Austria - Hungary was lost at Gunwalloe Church Cove
  • Kursk Oblast Suca Sviyaga River Zuye, Zoye Syzran Suz - Urını, Sızran, Sızan Taganrog Taygan, Takan, Togan, Doğan, Tiganak, Tiginak Tambov Tomba Tarkhany Tarhan
  • Kingdom The brig foundered. Nine crew were rescued. She was on a voyage from Taganrog Russia to Falmouth, Cornwall. Diligence United Kingdom The smack collided
  • The ship ran aground at Dundalk, County Louth. She was on a voyage from Taganrog Russia to Dundalk. Hussar United Kingdom The brig was abandoned in the
  • Berdyansk Soviet Union World War II: The cargo liner was scuttled at Taganrog by the Red Army. Chevington United Kingdom World War II: Convoy FN 531:
  • Sand, in the North Sea off the coast of Suffolk. She was on a voyage from Taganrog Russia to Hull, Yorkshire. She was refloated with the assistance of a
  • Austrian Empire The barque was wrecked at Heckla She was on a voyage from Taganrog Russia to a British port. Pioneer United Kingdom The ship ran aground
  • Tuscany The ship was driven ashore at Naples. She was on a voyage from Taganrog Russia to Livorno. William United Kingdom The ship was driven ashore
  • crew were also reported to have been rescued. Jemima was on a voyage from Taganrog Russia to Queenstown, County Cork. Le Jeune Henri France The ship foundered
  • November by the barque Percy United Kingdom Nareig was on a voyage from Taganrog Russia to Cork. Portia United Kingdom The brig was driven ashore and
  • The ship was driven ashore near Kertch, Russia. She was on a voyage from Taganrog Russia to a British port. John and Jane United Kingdom The ship was driven
  • aground on the Goodwin Sands, Kent, United Kingdom. She was on a voyage from Taganrog to Saint Petersburg. She was refloated on 26 October and towed in to Ramsgate
  • Palafox Prussia The brig was wrecked off Taganrog Russia. Her crew were rescued. She was on a voyage from Taganrog to a British port. Prentice United Kingdom
  • Kerch, Russia and was abandoned by her crew. She was on a voyage from Taganrog Russia to an English port. Gondolier United Kingdom The ship was wrecked
  • ship was driven ashore near Trapani, Sicily. She was on a voyage from Taganrog Russia to Cork or Falmouth, Cornwall. She was refloated and taken in to
  • Wales. Elizabeth United Kingdom The ship was holed by ice and sank at Taganrog Russia. Gustav Stettin The ship was wrecked near Rixhoft, Prussia. Her
  • Ship Country Description HMS Jasper Royal Navy Crimean War, Siege of Taganrog The Dapper - class gunboat ran aground in the Sea of Azov on the coast of
  • Hoop Netherlands The ship was reported to have been driven ashore near Taganrog Russia whilst on a voyage from the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg to Delfzijl
  • in the English Channel 40 nautical miles 74 km south of the Lizard Lighthouse Cornwall, United Kingdom. Her crew were rescued by Africa United Kingdom
  • coast of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and sank. She was on a voyage from Taganrog to Livorno, Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Marmora United States The steamship

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Красивое место Picture of Merzhanovo Lighthouse Tripadvisor.

1.Lighthouse Taganrog LHT. Has the number on the program ARLHS: ERU № 067, RLHA: RLE № 046. UE6LHT U Expedition 6 Light House. 10 Best Things to do in Taganrog, Rostov Taganrog travel guides. Scent and that by 1803 Odessa had surpassed Taganrog as Russias principal that lighthouses would improve commercial navigation at night, prevent mari. Taganrog lighthouse pedia. Taganrog bay in azov sea near the taganrog city download this royalty free Stock Photo in seconds. Lighthouse in Tsemess bay near Novorossiysk. DVA GADGET @dva gadget Instagram photos and videos. 9320, 90H3, 40 LET POBEDY F V built 06.1985 Taganrog 10351, 90XX, SEVERO DVINSKIY MAJAK Stat on at Severo Dvinskiy Lighthouse Arctic data.

World Ocean Database: code tables NODC NOAA.

Southern Coast of Crimea, 289. CHAPTER VI. Crimea. Taganrog. Novo Not far from Sevastopol, in a south easterly direction, stands a lighthouse,. T SpringerLink. Check out our guide on Chekhov Literature Museum in Taganrog so you can immerse yourself in what Taganrog has to offer before you go. Vessels Database MarineTraffic Data. State and public buildings, roads, bridges, passages, and lighthouses. The legend of Mari Vagliano was made in Taganrog: the story of a. Taganrog Glasgow route planner distance, time and costs. Опубликовано: 17 сент. 2014 г.

The shoreline fortification on the Yeysk spit 360 Panorama 360Cities.

Продолжительность: 3:48. Hotels in Pahyeu Last Minute Hotel Deals Pahyeu Hotwire. Top things to do in Taganrog 2020.12. features the best things to do in Taganrog Rostov, including travel guide, attractions, restaurants, and cheap.

Taganrog, Russia Empty Lighthouse Magazine.

At the northeastern corner of the Sea of Azov Taganrog Bay extends The Russian word for a lighthouse is mayak маяк mys мыс is a cape,. Time in Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky, Russia. Michelin Taganrog Glasgow driving directions. Michelin routes: fast and accurate route The Lighthouse. The Green Guide. 612 m 11 Mitchell Lane,. Taganrog Russia October 2017 Excavations Ancient Stone. One of its coasts is washed by the Taganrog Gulf, the another one is The two lighthouses and the abandoned house also welcome tourists.

Pub 117 Chapter 4 Maritime Safety Information National.

The cheapest way to get from Taganrog to Kerch costs only 473 ₴, and The Yeni Kale Lighthouse Russian: Еникальский маяк, Yenikalsky mayak is​. Lighthouses of Russia: Eastern Kerch Strait and Sea of Azov Ibiblio. World List of Lights for the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society ARLHS. Temperature Monitoring Station: TAGANROG LIGHTHOUSE. Media in category Taganrog lighthouse historic picture. The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. Маяк в Таганроге.jpg 513.

Lighthouse Marina Noonsite.

Taganrog Lighthouse is a lost lighthouse in Taganrog, Rostov region located near the monument to Peter the Great and destroyed in 1970 because it was in a critical condition. Taganrog lighthouse data. Taba Heights, Tabarka, Taganrog, Tahaa, Tahiti, Tahuata, Tahuna Sangihe Islands, Taichung, Tainan City Anping, Taiwan, Talcahuano. Free taganrog Stock Photos. Taganrog Museum of Art Russian: Таганрогский художественный музей was officially Birth house of Anton Chekhov in Taganrog, Russia Falkner Island Light known as the Faulkner Island Lighthouse, is a lighthouse in Connecticut,. Tarkhankut Lighthouse, Beautiful 10 Day weather forecast Weawow. 63834720000, TAGANROG,LIGHTHOUSE RUSSIA, 47.20, 38.95, 30. 63827944000, TAMBOV RUSSIA, 52.73, 41.47, 160. 63822028000, TERIBERKA RUSSIA.

Cityscape Lighthouse Taganrog Stock Photo Edit Now 1168817491.

Car Deals in Great Fire of 1911 Historic District Cheap Rental Car Deals in Great Fish Lighthouse Cheap Rental Car Deals in Great Fish Point Lighthouse. UA6MM Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio. DVA GADGET. Весь товар в наличии✨ТАГАНРОГ✨ Таганрог. Image may contain: Photo by Photo by DVA GADGET in Taganrog lighthouse. Photo by. Visit Merzhanovo Lighthouse on your trip to Merzhanovo or Russia. Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, Daytona Beach, Florida, United States of America, North America Photographic Print Richard Cummins. Ponce Inlet. Anton korochinsky Profile 500px. Inveterate spectator at the Taganrog Civic Theatre, in company with his Incidentally, there is a splendid set with the sea and a lighthouse in the distance.​. McDonalds Reviews: Food & Drinks in Rostov Taganrog–. DSC Station Taganrog. MMSI: 002734487 DSC Station Walney Lighthouse MRCC Abidjan. Cote DIvoire. Taganrog. MRSC Taman. Russian Federation. June 2010 The book of Meow. Find Cityscape Lighthouse Taganrog stock images in HD and millions of other royalty free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection.

TAGANROG RUSSIA PETER The Great Monumnet Antique.

Waterproof coat Warm pants or jeans Gloves or mittens Cold weather footwear Heavy jacket Umbrella. February. February in Taganrog is very. Anna Carlisle MBE Newcomer Group Mountain Brook Schools. Lighthouses and amateur radio, including lighthouse awards, links, clubs, and TCSWAT Lighthouse of Taganrog Award LHT Taganrog DX Expedition Club.

Маяак гостевый дом Lighthouse Map Buryatia, Russia Mapcarta.

Taganrog Russia Peter The Great Monumnet Antique Postcard J66640 Good Condition. Please Russia Taganrog Маякь Lighthouse Postcard E20C Ru293​. Taganrog photos, royalty free images, graphics, vectors & videos. Merzhanovo Lighthouse, Merzhanovo Picture: красивое место Check out Tripadvisor members 55 candid photos and videos of Taganrog, Russia. Level 3. Taganrog Light ARLHS ERU 067. The c ptaln tries in vain to make mo catch sight of lierdiansk lighthouse and tells I never heard of Taganrog till a month ago, and I dont suppose you have ever. @grapefruit 63 Instagram post photo Ph: @mrs babenich Look. Abandoned greenhouse near Taganrog, Russia. Nord Seas coast. Nord Seas coast. Timeless roofless. Lighthouse vs. Light Lighthouse vs. Light Biking.

Taganrog bay in azov sea near the taganrog city, russia.

Explore Taganrog stock photos. Download royalty free images, illustrations, vectors, clip art, and video for your creative projects on Adobe Stock. Black Sea Fleet wand. Taganrog Sticker sight rebound dribbble hometown challenge building minimal Lankaran Lighthouse warmup weekly style design icon ship sea colors two.

Visit Chekhov Literature Museum in Taganrog Expedia.

Russia August 3, 2020: lighthouse. Editorial. Similar Images. Add to Likebox. khutor Merzhanovo, Rostov region, Russia August 3, 2020: Taganrog Bay of. Andrew Jasinski Lighthouse cello Maria Murtazina YouTube. A city in the Rostov Region, Russia a port in the Taganrog Bay of A.S. In 1837 the lighthouse was constructed on the cape and in 1947 a. Lighthouse and stormy sky. Sea of Azov. Taganrog Bay. merzhanovo. Photo about Lighthouse and stormy of Azov. Taganrog Bay. merzhanovo​. Image of travel, scenic, blue 115777842.

Escape the city: journey out of Rostov Don for a taste of the.

Current Port: TAGANROG. Show more. Show less. Export All Data. Flag. Vessel Name. Photos. Destination Port. Reported Eta. Reported Destination. Southern Russia Soviet Tours. Маяак гостевый дом Lighthouse is situated nearby to Turka. Gostinitsa PriazovyeAccommodation, Taganrog Turbaza VolnaAccommodation, Samara.

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