★ Weather station "Taganrog"

Weather station Taganrog

★ Weather station "Taganrog"

Weather station "Taganrog" is an institution created to conduct meteorological observations. Current address 143, Shevchenko str., Taganrog, Rostov region.


1. History. (История)

In may 1815 in Taganrog was opened the first in the Azov sea hydro-meteorological station. This was made possible thanks to the development of the city as a major port. He worked at the Taganrog gymnasium until April 1833. Data obtained during the research have been published in local open sources. So, in 1865, and the average maximum air temperature in Taganrog mentioned in "the Memorable book of the city of Taganrog state."

In the 1870-ies, the weather station" Taganrog” is in the flagship zone of origin. In 1880 he moved to the courtyard of the lighthouse after the lighthouse was built. Is the weather station it was for almost a century. Over time, the Institute has improved its technology and methods of transmission of observation data.

In the seventeenth century the institution had very primitive means. The information collected was first transferred to the port authority, and then with the help of special signal flags had come to the ships standing on the roads. When the Telegraph was invented information reports began to come in the next ports. The weather was informed 8 times a day, sea state three times a day. The logs are preserved, according to which it is obvious that the observations were recorded in calligraphic writing. Information was recorded on rainfall, sea surface and air temperature.

At the beginning of the 20th century, for the needs of the meteorological station started to use the radio. The facility was shut down in December 1917 after the October revolution, and in December 1921 during the Civil war.

The weather station in Taganrog suspended their work during the occupation of the city from October 1941 to August 1943.

In the 1970-ies of the weather station was located along 143, street Shevchenko where it is in the 21st century. It was on a plot of 26 x 26 meters. These observations are made using psychometric booths, wind sensors, and "smart tools". The station made several observations: sea, coast, radiometric, solar radiation, and background environmental contamination is controlled. The results are transmitted to the hydrometeorological and hydro-meteorological Bureau. Employees work 8 people.

In 2009, in the framework of the project of modernization of the meteorological network, and modern automated meteorological complex AMK was installed at the station, allowing you to remotely measure the temperature of the air and the soil surface, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, quantity and intensity of the precipitation.

As of 2015, specialists from the meteorological station in the study Taganrog regime of the sea in the coastal zone and engaged in monitoring of air pollution. Remote sensing is used for research. Information received from MG-s station Taganrog used in the preparation of forecasts for the territory of the entire Rostov region. In 2015, the institution has been 200 years since the beginning of the work.


2. Employees. (Сотрудников)

For many years, workers such as P. A. G chief of station in 1963 - 1979, E. P. Mitrofanov 1944 - 1974, L. A., Glushko worked at the hydrometeorological station of Taganrog of the sea 1958 - 1988. In the period from 1980 to 2010 years worked at the station by a competent and qualified professionals - V. V. Klimov, O. L. Shchupletsova, M. G. Khachaturyan. Now they are retired. On round-the-clock specialists-meteorologists L. Bondarenko, T. A. Kuznetsova, L. A. Lazurenko, L. A. Silaeva. As observers B. K. Khachaturyan, A. T. Kravchenko-Golitsyn work for posts that are part of the station. Station Director A. A. Davidenko.

  • Taganrog Lighthouse Russian: Таганрогский маяк is a lost lighthouse in Taganrog Rostov region located near the monument to Peter the Great and destroyed
  • Tupolev design bureau, and manufactured by the Kuibyshev Aviation and Taganrog Machinery Plants from 1968 to 1994. Formerly operated by the Soviet Navy
  • the development basis for the creation of the Be - 200 ta stands for Taganrog and ir stands for Irkutsk. The Be - 200 was designed by the Beriev Aviation
  • Catherine s time for all of southern Russia built fortresses Rostov, Taganrog and others completely destroyed so it deserves to be considered an architectural
  • An - 30 Survey Photo - mapping aircraft. An - 32 Designed to withstand adverse weather conditions better than the standard An - 26. An - 34 The initial designation
  • suburban and long - distance routes. Road service station which includes transportations to Taganrog Rostov - upon - Don, Krasnodar, Kiev, Odessa, Yalta
  • and the number of serviceable aircraft. Graf s unit was moved forward to Taganrog to support the battle for Rostov. Once the snow arrived, freezing the ground
  • port commander, Captain Francesco Bagnus, refused. The German steamer Taganrog loaded with ammunition, was moored in the harbour, and her captain asked
  • Anglo French squadron bombarded Taganrog for 6 1 2 hours and landed 300 troops near the Old Stairway in the centre of Taganrog but they were thrown back by
  • and used the raft, named the Lady Nancy, to shell the Russian town of Taganrog in the Black Sea. The Lady Nancy proved a great success and Coles patenting
  • G series, which the Gruppe used for the rest of the war, while stationed at Taganrog and Luhansk. The 13th Staffel of JG 52, made up entirely of Slovakian

  • Military Aviation School of Bombardier - gunners then he trained at the Taganrog Military Aviation School of Pilots, where he studied until being sent to
  • 7, 000 casualties and forced the surviving White troops to the port of Taganrog The offensive helped contribute to the collapse of the White Russian advance
  • dissolved. The last session of the government took place in the city of Taganrog In July 1918, the former members of the government formed the Communist
  • collapse of a building that was under construction in the Russian city of Taganrog December 17: President Traian Basescu had designated Victor Ponta as Prime
  • Panfilov Street in Perm. Panfilov Street in Saransk. Panfilov Street in Taganrog Panfilov Street in Almaty. Panfilov Street in Nur - Sultan. Panfilov Street
  • torpedo was fitted at the same time. In 1875, the ship made a port visit to Taganrog and hosted Sir Edward Reed during a cruise along the Crimean coast that
  • Berdyansk Soviet Union World War II: The cargo liner was scuttled at Taganrog by the Red Army. Chevington United Kingdom World War II: Convoy FN 531:
  • Roma. On 24 October Ju 87s sank the landing craft LCT115 and cargo ship Taganrog at Samos. On 31 October the light cruiser Aurora was put out of action
  • seriously damaged in a hard landing during a Soviet Navy acceptance flight in Taganrog Bay, near the Russian coast of the Sea of Azov. Test pilot Yu. A Tsirulyov
  • cupola and used the raft, named Lady Nancy, to shell the Russian town of Taganrog in the Black Sea. Lady Nancy proved a great success and Coles patented
  • company, and the division s flak battalion, were used for the attack. The weather was not suitable for flying that morning, which disadvantaged the Allies
  • at Welcombe Mouth, Morwenstow. 8 December while carrying wheat from Taganrog to Dublin the Diane Austria - Hungary was lost at Gunwalloe Church Cove
  • volunteered his troops to assist with the murder operations by sealing Taganrog and delivering Jews, Roma, and others to the death squads the massacre
  • so far been held at the disposal of OKH finally arrived at Mariupol and Taganrog from where it was to cover the Kuban and Caucasus areas exclusively. The

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Pronunciation of taganrog with 3 audio pronunciations, 4 translations, 12 sentences and more for You are about to report this weather station for bad data. Weather Galitsin Forecast, Radar, Lightning & Satellite. Weather overview for Galitsin Rostovskaya, Russian Federation detailed weather forecasts, 14 days trend, current observations, satellite images, model charts. Simulating Salinity Variations in the Gulf of Taganrog at Storm. The systems ability to operate in any weather conditions and in regions despite the fact that TANTK has its own flight test center in Taganrog.

The Best Time to Visit Taganrog, Russia for Weather, Safety.

Jan 25, 2020 Find Taganrog Russia 180519 People Festival Airshow stock the backdrop of large aircraft. people gathered in sunny weather to look at the planes. n\nTourists waiting for the train to arrive at the Riomaggiore station. Taganrog Pictures Photo Gallery of Taganrog High Quality. Taganrog, Russia 7 day tide chart and table. Includes moon phases and current weather conditions. Nearest tide stations. −. Leaflet Tiles © Esri Source:.

Taganrog, Russia Weather Conditions Weather Underground.

Meteorological Station Information Lookup for. The state you specified contains the following stations. You may select an identifier to view information about that​. Taganrog weather. Taganrog bay. Phrases that contain the word weather: Weather Station Kurt Weather Underground Organization Weather spotting Weather station ​Taganrog. Zaporozhye, Beautiful 10 Day weather forecast Weawow. Photos, weather, hotels, reviews, when to go, general recommendations. parks​, but also to the railway station, through which trains go to Moscow and Rostov.

Equipment stolen from Russian doomsday military aircraft, media.

Map of Taganrog Rostov region Russia, satellite view. Search and share any place. Find your location. Ruler for distance measuring. Places, streets and. Weather Location Codes IDs for Russia. The final schematic map based on data from more than 130 weather stations were recorded in the Azov Don Channel in the eastern part of Taganrog Bay. Acurite openhab. Weather station Taganrog Таганрог. IP Address Geolocation Lookup Demo IP2Location.

URRT Taganrog Yuzhny Airport real time weather, up to date information, charts, frequencies and navaids for your flight simulator flights. MICHELIN Taganrog map ViaMichelin. Weather Station, Taganrog RSXX0105. Mobile Carrier, Win Mobile. Mobile Country Code MCC, 250. Mobile Network Code MNC, 32. Climate & Weather Averages in Chervonyy Gay, Ukraine. Taganrog, Rostov, Russia Weather Conditionsstar ratehome. icon 25 F Rostov ​Don Airport Station Report. Report Station. Thank you for reporting this. Taganrog Yuzhny Airport URRT TGK Airport Guide. The interior ministry said police in the southern city of Taganrog had shoe and fingerprints were found inside the aircraft, the channel said,.

Causes of salinization of the Gulf of Taganrog NASA ADS.

Weather station Taganrog. No description defined. Spanish. No label defined. No description defined. Traditional Chinese. No label defined. No description. Local Climate Change: 47.42 N, 39.08 E Berkeley Earth. Weather station Taganrog Russian: Метеостанция Таганрог is an institution created for carrying out weather observations. The current address is 143,.

Sokol Eshelon: an airborne laser ASAT system.

99 Acu Rite Extension Pole Pro 5 in 1 Atlas Weather Station 22 $14. AcuRite Atlas™ 7 in 1 Weather Station. logback xml openhab ESP8266 Taganrog, Rostov Region, Russia Owner: unhild Rxb6 raspberry. Gaetano Molla Mili, The Best pedia Reader. Center of the region is the city of Rostov on Don, it is located east of Taganrog, at a The climate of Taganrog, in general, is quite stable, and extreme weather.

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For a list of worldwide SSB Weather broadcasts see the Communications page. Dont miss the noonsite Weather & Routing Forum. Where fellow cruisers can. Taganrog Visually. See Hourly Forecast Send feedback. 5 Day Forecast. Sat. d412 Taganrog. n400. 30°. Overcast. 160 4 mph. Feels like 25° F. Dewpoint 28° F. Pressure. Pronounced anomalies of air, water, ice conditions in the Barents. Methodically wiped out surrounded remnants of the Nazi Taganrog garrison. MARYLAND Warmer today, Local Station U. S. Weather Bureau York Water. The Gazette and Daily from York, Pennsylvania on September 1. Varvaci Boutique Hotel Is Situated 15 Minutes Drive From Taganrog Train Station, And Rostov Don Airport Is A 2 Hour Drive Away. A Shuttle Service Is​.

Taganrog wand.

In a statement, the Interior Ministry of the Rostov region confirmed that it had received reports of a theft from an aerodrome in Taganrog. Amvrosiivka Weather History & Climate Data Meteostat. Russia used by AOL Weather, The Weather Channel, Yahoo! Tabuny RSXX6877 Taburachka RSXX6878 Tabynsk RSXX6879 Taganrog.

URRT Taganrog Yuzhny Airport Weather and Information Center.

When can you find snow in Taganrog? Weather stations report large amounts of snow likely to be deepest around March, especially close to. Russia Investigates Doomsday Plane Robbery: Heads Will Roll. Parallel to this, meteorological parameters and water level were a Layout of stations of temperature–salinity meters in the Sea of Azov,. Reconstruction of the Ice Thickness Seasonal Evolution in the. Awakio accumulates information from various sources: ground based weather stations, industrial emission monitoring services to give people a real picture of air. Taganrog Central Beach beach. Photo about Autumn weather in small Russia town. Taganrog. Image of landscape, taganrog, yellowing 7926977.

CWOP Information for US6IQ 20 in Mariupol, UA.

A weather forecast verification of an unusual type occurred in. January 1943 in an area held by the German army close to the. Gulf of Taganrog in the Sea of. Library FOIA CIA High quality photo collection of Taganrog, Russia live photo gallery. Guide to Taganrog Weather forecast Photo gallery Maps of Taganrog Interactive map.

Taganrog Air Quality Index AQI and Russia Air Pollution AirVisual.

USSR WEATHER REPORTS FOR JUNE 1951. SE DIET CENTRAL IN ASSOCIATION: Taganrog7k:iy radiatekhnicheskiy institut Taganrog Radio. Rostov Don Taganrog driving directions journey, distance. Currently: 37 °F. Passing clouds. Weather station: Taganrog, Ukraine. See more current weather. ×. Annual Weather Averages in LuhansK. LuhansK is 24.

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