ⓘ House of Bagdasarovs


ⓘ House of Bagdasarovs

The House of Bagdasarovs is a subject to historical building of Taganrog which was constructed at the end of the 19th century and belonged to brothers Bagdasarov. The building is located at Turgenevsky Lane, 7.


1. History

On this land plot in the 19th century, the small architectural construction which was estimated at 1000 rubles was constructed. It belonged to the tradeswoman Sofya Lutskaya. Then, for some reason, the structure was destroyed also in 1898 in Turgenevsky Lane, 7, brothers Melkon and Grigory Bagdasarovy built the house. Construction of the mansion cost them 3000 rubles. Over time the cost of the house increased also by the time of the October revolution, the house was estimated at 24 thousand rubles.

The house had several floors, the top floor was leased. At the beginning of the 20th century, the merchant Ivan Vasilyevich Kateri became the owner of the house. It had the sausage plant which was placed down the street Chekhovian, besides it in its property was салотопня down the street Myasnitskoy, 19. The merchant once began the work with production and distribution of the English biscuits. Being the owner of houses down the street Aleksandrovskoy, 1 and 3, he bought the house in Turgenevsky Lane. The cost of the above-mentioned houses was 500 and 150 rubles respectively. Ivan Kaveris wife was called Anastasia Vasilyevna. In marriage with it at the merchant was three children who were called by Vasily, Ivan, and Paraskeva. The house was partially leased under premises that provided to the merchant income, also he kept the shop of sausages on Petrovskaya Street, 38. Among tenants of the house, there was a barrister Mikhail Markovic Milstein.

Valentina Abramovna Govberg lived in the house. She was a performer of the Gipsy romances and Russian national songs. It had a strong voice – a mezzo-soprano. To the house on Turgenevsky Lane, she moved in the 1940th years where a vein together with the sister Elena Abramovna – the wife of the famous Taganrog lawyer Yakov Borisovich Sveta. Before the revolution, Yakov Svet was the assistant to the barrister of the Judaic law.

In the 1920s, Leshkos family lodged in the right domestic wing: spouses Fedor Vasilyevich and his wife Raisa Konstantinovna. Over time they gave birth to children: daughters Olga and Vera. Fedor Vasilyevich was an accountant at city prosecutors office and differed in excessive scrupulousness and the correct negotiorum gestio. Over time the daughter Vera became the watchmaker, and Olga was interested in the spheres connected with art and history. It had a hard life – it suffered during Stalin repressions. Leshkos family was known for the care of homeless animals.

In the 1930s in one of the apartments of the house there lived the violinist Mikhail Steshenko. Visitors before the sessions at Luch movie theater could hear its game. Also in the apartment there lived the violinist Beyntsman who played in the orchestra of Mall.

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