ⓘ Freken Bock (Cafe)

Freken Bock (Cafe)

ⓘ Freken Bock (Cafe)

Cafe "Freken Bock" was created by philologist Olga Evstratyeva. It was opened for visitors in September 2009 in a small mansion of the XIX century at the address: 24, Turgenevsky lane. The interior decisionss of the cafe are permeated with the spirit of well-known books of Astrid Lindgren and decorated with Faina Ranevskayas photos. The main interior line of the cafe is based on the visual series of the cartoon "Kid and Carlson". The interior and exterior are designed by Olga Grishagina studio "Baza-design". Since 2011, the "Freken Bok" cafe is used as one of platforms of the Chekhov Book Festival, where meetings with writers are held.

The cafe hosts poetry evenings, chamber theater performances and small art exhibitions. Nonna Malyginas theater repeatedly presented to public the performances according to Chekhov, Averchenko, Taffys stories.


1. About the building

The site on which №. 24 is located belonged to the nobleman N. Nikolaev until the 1870s, and later to his heirs. At that time there was only one house the site, a two-story building which has survived to the present day and is located at the address 22, Turgenevsky Lane. In the middle of the 1890s the jewellers wife, the bourgeois B.G. Lyakhovskaya became the owner of the site.

Probably in 1895 the Lyakhovskys built two brick one-storey houses on the plot, separated by gates. These houses were absolutely identical in the mirror image they have 3 windows and a front door.

According to "The inventory and assessment of real estate of Taganrog" in 1915 the site to the address Depaldovsky Lane 24 belonged to the businessman Solomon Aronovich Berlin and was estimated at 8.000 rubles.

After municipalization in 1925 all three houses were converted to residential apartments.

In the house number 24 in the 1990s was a private recruiting agency "Ankor" employment office.


2. Famous visitors

  • Malikov, Dmitry Yurievich - Russian composer, pianist, singer, actor, producer and TV presenter.
  • Bardin, Harry Yakovlevich - Russian animator.
  • Duritskaya, Natalia Ivanovna - a Russian artist.
  • Hoffmann, Leonid Davidovich - Russian composer and theorist, honored worker of culture and arts of STS.
  • Gerasimov, Evgeny Vladimirovich - Soviet and Russian actor of theater and cinema, film director, Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation.
  • Pilipenko, Galina Anatolyevna - a Russian journalist.
  • Pirogov, Kirill Alfredovich - Russian actor of theater and cinema, Honored Artist of Russia.
  • Voinovich, Vladimir Nikolaevich is a Russian writer, poet and playwright.
  • Doga, Evgeny Dmitrievich - Moldovan Soviet composer, teacher, Peoples Artist of the USSR.
  • Galtsev, Yuri Nikolayevich - Russian pop artist, actor of theater and cinema, Honored Artist of Russia.
  • Bondarenko, Igor Mikhailovich - Soviet and Russian writer.
  • Raikin, Konstantin Arkadevich - Russian actor of theater and cinema, the head of the Moscow theater "Satyricon".
  • Makarova, Inna Vladimirovna - Soviet and Russian actress, Peoples Artist of the USSR.
  • Durov, Lev Konstantinovich - Soviet and Russian actor of theater and cinema, Peoples Artist of the USSR.
  • Petrenko, Alexei Vasilyevich - Soviet and Russian actor of theater and cinema, Peoples Artist of the RSFSR.
  • Shabelnikov, Yuri Leonidovich - Russian artist.
  • Yasnov, Mikhail Davidovich - a Russian poet and translator.
  • Ryashentsev, Yury Evgenevich - Soviet and Russian poet, novelist, screenwriter, songwriter for theater and cinema, translator.
  • Khutsiev, Marlen Martynovich - Soviet and Russian film director, screenwriter, actor, teacher, Peoples Artist of the USSR.
  • Fokin, Vladimir Petrovich - Soviet and Russian film director, screenwriter and actor, Peoples Artist of Russia.
  • Hasanov, Rufat Raufovich - an Azerbaijani film director.
  • Andolenko, Karina Vyacheslavovna - a Russian actress of theater and cinema.
  • Rozhdestvensk, Ekaterina Robertovna - translator of fiction, journalist, photographer.

3. Achievements

  • In November 2014 in Rostov-on-Don, barista cafe Semyon Demin took the 4th place at the qualifying stage of the 7th international Kremlin culinary cup.
  • In 2010, received a diploma for the most original authors drink "Coffee Mojito" at the Interregional "Championship of Culinary Arts and Service "Don Hospitality".
  • In February 2011 the barista of the cafe "Freken Bok" was among the finalists of the South-Russian qualifying stage of the Russian championship "Barista-2011".
  • In March 2013, in Krasnodar, barista cafe "Freken Bok" Maria Attar became the winner of the southern qualifying stage of the Russian Championship Barista 2013 - "Cup of the South".

4. Interesting Facts

  • To the 155th birthday of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov at the cafe "Freken Bok" was tasting dishes described in his works.
  • There is an opinion that Freken Bok cafe is a "real monument" to Faina Ranevskaya, unlike the "official" monument to the great actress opened nearby in 2008 in so unloved her Lyalis image from the movie "Foundling".
  • Some tourists come to Taganrog for visiting the cafe "Freken Bok".