ⓘ House of Lobanov

House of Lobanov

ⓘ House of Lobanov

The House of Lobanov is a monument of architecture of local value down the street Greek, 32 in the city of Taganrog of the Rostov Oblast.


1. History and description

The petty bourgeois Matvei Yakovlevich Lobanov in 1897 built the one-storey house down the street Greek, 32. As of 1906, the house still was in its property. According to one data, in 1910, on others – in 1915, the mansion became Natalya Dmitriyevna Shchuchkinas property. Her husband – the doctor and the councilor of state Ivan Pavlovich Shchuchkin since the beginning of the 20th century was a medical officer in Taganrog. The family raised three children. The only son – Pavel – was built in a rank of horunzhy. At thirty-year age he tragically was killed in battle in East Prussia, his father Ivan Pavlovich, at the beginning of February 1915 reached the field of battle and delivered the sons body to Taganrog. In 1921 in the house down the street Greek, 32 there was a shelter № 10. Since 1992 the house was given the status of a monument of architecture, it is protected by the law.

The facade of the house can be divided into three parts conditionally. Over side parts figured pediments are located. To the left of the house shod gate with a gate were constructed. In the yard of the house the small tower with a balcony is built on. The porch is located on the center. On a facade several rounded windows are visible, the structure is decorated by semi-columns.