ⓘ House of Subsovich

House of Subsovich

ⓘ House of Subsovich

The House of Subsovich is an angular building which is located at the corner of Petrovskaya Street, 134 and Dzerzhinsky Lane, 7. The house derives its name from its first owners.


1. History

The House of Subsovich was originally built by the merchant of the II guild named Todros Markovic Sabsovich. The house began around a branch line which conducted to the port, and its termination was on the even side of Petrovskaya Street, near modern Vokzalny Lane. In the 1860s, the corner house with a semi-basement was constructed. In the description of those years, it appeared that on the site such objects are placed: the one-story barn constructed of a brick and a one-story wing. The wing was remade in two houses located at the addresses Dzerzhinsky Lane 7 and 9. The present house at Petrovsky, 134 was built in the 1870s by the merchant Woolf Dorofeevich Sabsovich in 1873. From 1874 to 1879 merchants Woolf, Iosif and the son of the merchant to Yakov Sabsovich were the owners. From 1890 to 1898 the structure carried over the merchant Dmitry Egorovich Manusi and the wife of the petty bourgeois Hang Sabsovich.

In 1906 the merchant, an ambarshchik and the landowner Veniamin Iosifovich Sabsovich and the petty bourgeois Hang Sabcuovichs wife appeared owners of the house. Veniamin Sabsovich was Iosif Dorofeevichs son and held a position of the member of the exchange committee. In 1915 Veniamin Sabsovich continued to own the house together with other owners - the petty bourgeois Isaak Berkovich Ipkov, to Moznaim and Alexey Andreevicham Garshfeldam.