★ House of Subsovich

House of Subsovich

★ House of Subsovich

Subsovich house is a corner building located on the corner of St Peters, 134 and Dzerzhinsky lane, 7. The house got its name from the first owners.


1. History. (История)

Subsovich house was built by a merchant of the second Guild named Todros Markovich Sabsovich. Houses began around the railway line that led to the port and its dissolution was on the even side of the street Petrovsky, near the modern Vokzalny pereulok. In the 1860-ies of the corner house with basement was built. In the description of those years, it was found that on the website, such objects are placed: a single-storey barn built of brick and one-storey wing. The wing was converted into two houses, located at Dzerzhinskogo lane, 7 and 9. A real house on Petrovsky, 134 was built in 1870 by merchant Wulff Land Sabsovich in 1873. From 1874 to 1879 merchants Wolfe, Joseph and the son of a merchant James Sabsovich was home. From 1890 to 1898 the structure of the migrated merchant Dmitry ye Manusi and the wife of a tradesman to hang Sabsovich.

In 1906, the merchant appeared ambarshchik and landowner Sabsovich Benjamin I. and petty bourgeois hang Sabcuovichs wife of the home owners. Benjamin Sabsovich was Joseph Dorofeevichs son and held the position of member of the exchange Committee. In 1915 Benjamin Sabsovich continued to own the house together with other owners - a tradesman Isaac Berkovich Ipkov to Moznaim and Andreevicham Garshfeldam Alex.

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House of Subsovich House of teacher House of the merchant Kudrin House of Tsysarenko House of Voroshilkin House of Zolotaryov House Museum of. Angela Sovich in Indianapolis, IN PeekYou. House of Subsovich Monument Updated: 2019 09 17. The House of Subsovich is an angular building which is located at the corner of Petrovskaya Street, 134. I.I. Karzinkin House Mili, The Free Encyclopedia. The I.I. Karzinkin House Russian: Доходный дом И. И. Карзинкина is a The apartment house was built in 1874 by the architect V. N. Karneev in the spirit of The House of Subsovich is an angular building which is located at the corner of. Image 8 of New York journal New York, November 30, 1896. House of Subsovich. The House of Subsovich Russian: Дом Сабсовича is an angular building which is located at the corner of Petrovskaya Street, 134 and.

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The House of Subsovich Russian: Дом Сабсовича is an historic building in Taganrog, Russia. The house was named after its first owners. Category:Tourist attractions in Rostov Oblast pedia. 47.21530, 38.92970, landmark, RU, House of Razi Bondarenko. 47.22350, 38.91720, landmark, RU, House of Subsovich. 47.20571, 38.93796, landmark, RU.

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Railroad station and an occasional house here and there, separated by wide L. Subsovich, who has had practical experience in similar institutions in Itussia. House of Subsovich pedia. House of Subsovich. This article needs more links to other articles to help integrate it into the encyclopedia. Please help improve this article by adding links that. LocateCoord.

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