ⓘ House of teacher

House of teacher

ⓘ House of teacher

The ancient mansion, one-story with semi-basement, on Petrovskaya St. 89 is built at the beginning of the 19th century. In the list of monuments of history and architecture is registered as the building of Commercial court. A household belonged: since 1807 - to the gardener of the gardens Manoylo Laskaraki; from 1873 to 1880 - to the honorary citizen of Taganrog Dmitry Laskaraki; from 1890 to 1906 - to E. Aleksopulos successors; in 1915 - to the honorary citizen of Taganrog V. I. Voronin.

According to the map of the city of 1863 – in a household "The commercial court in the private house" was placed. Since 1912 – private school of the I category E. M. Granovsky a course of mens gymnasiums – four main classes with an annual payment of 120 rubles.

Since December 3, 1943, in a household, the House of pioneers which existed here till February 1944 it was transferred to the building of Childrens music school of P.I. Tchaikovsky opened. Then in the building, the Teachers club The house of workers of education was arranged.

In 1947 on the basis of the Taganrog Teachers club, the pianist and the e vocalist Ivan Fedorovich Changli-Cha, skin created amateur collective from gifted singers, his pupils: A. Agureev, T. Pocatello, N. Petrova, Zh. Khlebnikova, I. Khlebnikov, A. Larin, E. Manyukhin, F. Novikov, I. Filippov, A. Vorobyov, A. Gevorkova, A. Gladkov and others. Actors worked on scenes and arias from operas A.G. Rubensteins "Demon", "Aida" by D. Verdi, P. I. Tchaikovskys Mazeppa and others., киноклуб "400 ударов" Михаила Басова

From the 1960th until the end of the 1980th years in the Teachers club there was the well-known Folk theater of the drama which was directed by B. Potik, then V. Rogulchenko. At Folk theater, such remarkable actors as V. Vetrov, S. Makhovsky, A. Kuleshov, V. Hodgkin, etc. played.

At the mo, meaning in the building, there is a Local government office of culture "Youth center". In its walls the Commonwealth of Actors of Don theater and Nonna Malygina Theatre, a film society of "400 blows" of Mikhail Basov, Alexey Yakovlevs fine art studio work now.