ⓘ Hustle


ⓘ Hustle

  • Hustle, an early name for the Snake video game
  • The Hustle: Detroit Streets, a 2006 Activision video game for the Xbox and PlayStation

1. Music and dance

  • "The Hustle" song, 1975 American disco track by Van McCoy and the Soul City Symphony
  • 1970s disco culture
  • Hustle dance, 1975 disco dance craze popularized by the song of the same name
  • 21st century
  • "Hustle" Pink song, 2019
  • The Hustle: A Brexit Disco Symphony, 2019 album by Article 54

2. Sports

  • Dan Santamaria and his efforts in the Racquetball league
  • Hustle professional wrestling stylized HUSTLE, Japanese professional wrestling company, founded in 2004
  • "Hustle", motto used by WWE star John Cena: "Hustle, loyalty and respect"

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