ⓘ G0


ⓘ G0

  • Conductance "quantum of conductance", notated G 0
  • Geometric continuity, notated G 0
  • Group 0, an alternate name for Group 18 of the Periodic table – the Noble gases
  • G0 star, a subclass of G-class stars
  • G0, a hypothetical group in the Periodic table, which would consist of neutronium
  • G0 phase of cell division
  • Standard gravity, notated g 0

1. Other uses

  • G-Zero world – the term used for the emerging power vacuum in international politics in the early 21st Century
  • G0, the name of the musical note G in octave 0
  • G0, abbreviation for ground zero when referring to the World Trade Center site of the 9/11 attacks
  • Ghana International Airlines, IATA airline designator G0

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