ⓘ Balanas


ⓘ Balanas

Balanas is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Margarita Balanas, Latvian concert cellist.
  • Kristine Balanas born 1990, Latvian violinist.
  • Margarita Balanas is a Latvian concert cellist. Balanas won her first international competition at age eight, and made her concert debut in London at
  • Balana, a right tributary of the river Ghighiu in Romania Balana fort, fort built by the Kingdom of Kandy near Alagalla Mountain Range, Sri Lanka Balanas
  • Kristīne Balanas born 1990 is a Latvian violinist who is a laureate of many international violin competitions. She received her first violin lessons
  • The Balana is a right tributary of the river Ghighiu in Romania. It flows into the Ghighiu near Fulga de Jos. Its length is 39 km 24 mi and its basin
  • Balana fort was built by the Kingdom of Kandy near Alagalla Mountain Range, Sri Lanka. The fort was functioned as a strategic rock fortress and an outpost
  • Balana is a village in Sri Lanka. It is located within Central Province. List of towns in Central Province, Sri Lanka Department of Census and Statistics
  • Lithophaga attenuata Deshayes, 1836 - attenuated date mussel Lithophaga balanas Dall Lithophaga balanus Dall Lithophaga bisulcata d Orbigny, 1842 - mahogany
  • last attempt of Rajasinha Battle of Balana was defeated by Konappu Bandara. While he was returning from Balana he was wounded by a pointed bamboo segment
  • to Dom João Dharmapala. In 1582 Rajasinghe defeated the Kandyan army at Balana with the assistance of a Kandyan chieftain, Virasundara Mudiyanse of Peradeniya
  • collaboration with violinist Kristīne Balanas as the Duo LV, and in trio with sisters Kristine Balanas and cellist Margarita Balanas in his collaboration with the

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