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ⓘ Bendz

Benz is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Sergei Bendz born 1983, Russian footballer.
  • Jacob Christian Bendz 1802–1858, Danish medical doctor and titular professor.
  • Wilhelm Bendz 1804–1832, Danish painter.
  • Wilhelm Ferdinand Bendz 20 March 1804 14 November 1832 was a Danish painter mainly known for genre works and portraits which often portray his artist
  • Sergei Aleksandrovich Bendz Russian: Серге й Александрович Бендзь born 3 April 1983 is a Russian footballer. He plays for FC SKA Rostov - on - Don. He
  • Jacob Christian Bendz 20 March 1802 - 12 September 1858 was a Danish medical doctor and titular professor. He was created a Knight in the Order of the
  • Christian Bendz Kielland 29 October 1858 29 May 1934 was a Norwegian civil servant. He was born in Horten to Jacob Kielland and his wife Thora Margrethe
  • Ditlev Blunck considers a sketch in a mirror is a painting by Wilhelm Bendz from 1826 it is one of the series of Danish Golden Age portraits of artists
  • In March 1849 Jacob Kielland married Thora Margrethe Bendz daughter of Christian Ahle Bendz 1790 1867 and his wife Frederikke Magdalene 1799 1837
  • Joachim March 12 Friedrich Kuhlau, composer born 1786 November 14 Wilhelm Bendz painter born 1804 November 14 Rasmus Christian Rask, scholar and philologist
  • Horten to Jacob Kielland and his wife Thora Margrethe 1827 1902 nee Bendz His grandfather was Jacob Kielland, his uncle Jens Zetlitz Kielland and
  • VII Prime minister Christian Gunther von Bernstorff 4 March Wilhelm Bendz painter died 1832 7 August Johan Nicolai Madvig, philologist and politician

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