ⓘ Banditry in Chile

Banditry in Chile

ⓘ Banditry in Chile

Banditry was a considerable phenomenon in 19th century and early 20th century Central Chile and Araucania. Many bandits achieved legendary status for their brutality and others for being regarded folk heroes. The bandits usually preyed on haciendas and their inquilinos.

The Chilean War of Independence 1810–1826 shaped an era of banditry as the war transitioned into irregular warfare known as Guerra a muerte 1819–1821 which was particularly destructive for the Biobio area and ended only to see a period of outlaw banditry occur until the late 1820s. The rise of banditry made travel dangerous indeed 1812 is held as the date from where safe travel between Concepcion and Santiago was not longer safe for small groups. The Pincheira brothers, a royalist outlaw group based on indigenous territory east of the Andes was defeated and dissolved in 1832.

In the words of Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna banditry was a "national plague, worse than lepra or cholera". Following Chilean victories in War of the Pacific against Peru veterans begun to return in 1881 leading to a surge in banditry. The return of the veterans coincided with the Chilean Armys crushing of Mapuche resistance in the Occupation of Araucania 1861–1883. This led to opportunities bandits and veterans-turned-bandits to immigrate to the newly opened Aracania territory, leading to sudden rise in violence and in a region that was recovering from Chilean-Mapuche warfare. Bandits that immigrated to Araucania allied with displaced Mapuche and made cattle theft their chief business. Stolen cattle was sold in marketplaces through the region.

Thus Araucania continued to be an insecure zone for many years. Assaults and robbery were common in the region. Because of this until the 1920s carbines, revolvers and other firearms were common in the households of Araucania. Banditry in Araucania and Central Chile was begun to be suppressed in the late 19th century with the creation of the rural police Cuerpo de Gendarmes para las Colonias, a predecessor to Chiles main police force Carabineros de Chile. Hernan Trizano led this policing force until 1905.

Independence Era
  • Jose Miguel Neira, leader of Los Neirinos, patriots
  • Pincheira brothers, royalists
  • Pancho Falcato
  • Juan de Dios Lopez
  • Ciriaco Contreras
  • the Mendoza brothers

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