ⓘ Ben Krushkoff

Ben Krushkoff

ⓘ Ben Krushkoff

Ben Krushkoff is a British scriptwriter, lecturer and childrens rights campaigner. He is known as the creator of Tribus, considered by a growing number of academics and professionals to have been adapted and used as the source material for Skys biggest-ever budget drama, Britannia. Hes also been the face and voice of several national campaigns for childrens charity the NSPCC and coached rugby at the junior section of English Premier League team Bath.


1. Life and career

Ben was born in Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, and is the son of Hristo Crushcov, a Bulgarian born deep-sea diver, and British author Maggie Silwood. He was raised in Torbay, Devon, where he attended Torquay Boys Grammar School, until the age of 18.

An MA graduate of Bath Spa Universitys acclaimed Creative Writing course, he has written a number of scripts, including the national award-nominated radio drama, Turning Misty, and an unsolicited draft of what was to be David Putnams last film, The Arctic Thirty.

However, his most well-known work to date is Tribus: a fictionalised tale of the tribes of ancient Britain around the time of the Roman Invasion of 43AD. Developed over two-and-a-half years and academically submitted, it went on to jointly win BSUs Script of the Year award 2016 and was described as the greatest story thats never been told by well-known television journalist, Karen Hyland.

Alongside writing, Ben is also known as an anti-bullying and childrens rights campaigner. He has been involved in several national campaigns for the NSPCC, following an unprovoked gang attack on his eldest son, which was filmed and went viral. The attack made headline news across the country. Since then, he has worked on the Stop the Wild Web and Parenting Online campaigns, among others, and has spoken out against gang violence and knife crime.

He has taught and lectured at a number of schools, universities and prisons.


2. Controversy

In December 2019, Ben gave a very well received lecture at Westminster Universitys Law School, during which he presented evidence that demonstrated that Tribus Once Upon a Time in Britannia, had been the subject of an unauthorised adaption by the official creators of Britannia, James Richardson, Jez Butterworth and Tom Butterworth. In particular, it was claimed that the creators had used his work as the template for the all important pilot episode of their show. The talk used an illuminating video to support his claims, which have been described as staggering, outrageous and non-coincidental by academics and professionals from within the industry.

Following the lecture, on 14 January 2020, a cease and desist letter was served to Sky UK Ltd, along with an open letter to Skys directors, formalising Bens demands to be given the creators credit. The letter notified Sky of an online petition, which has attracted over 280 signatures, to date, from all over the world. Sky have so far refused to adhere to Bens demands and the case is ongoing.

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