ⓘ Jordan Goudreau

Jordan Goudreau

ⓘ Jordan Goudreau

Jordan Goudreau is a Canadian-born American former U.S. Green Beret and former Canadian Armed Forces member known for claiming responsibility for the Macuto Bay incursion into Venezuelan territory on 3 May 2020. He runs a private security firm based in Florida called Silvercorp USA, which he set up in 2018. Silvercorp website described Goudreau as a" highly decorated Special Forces Iraq and Afghanistan veteran."


1. Early life

Goudreau was raised in a middle-class family on the outskirts of Calgary, Alberta. Childhood friends said he was competitive, enjoyed playing video games and watched kung fu films. Goudreaus father stated that he had a family full of military people", which included Goudreaus grandfather and great-grandfather. He later attended the University of Calgary from 1994 to 1998 where he studied computer science.


2. Military career

After finishing college, Goudreau served in the Canadian Armed Forces, but desired to enlist in the United States armed forces as he was seeking a more challenging military career. He moved to Washington, D.C. and enlisted in the United States Army a few months prior to the September 11 attacks in New York City, eventually reaching the rank of Sergeant first class in the 10th Special Forces Group.

Documentation shows that Goudreau faced months of combat while deployed and was injured in August 2014 and that he was granted medical retirement in 2016, receiving disability payments after discharging from the military. Following his retirement, Goudreau became a United States citizen.


3. Private security career

After Puerto Rico was affected by Hurricane Maria in 2017, Goudreau served as a security contractor.

He founded a security-services company called Silvercorp USA in February 2018 and following the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that month, he presented a concept of placing undercover special forces veterans in schools at a Florida school security conference in July 2018.


3.1. Private security career May 2020 incursion into Venezuela

On 3 May 2020, Goudreau released a video alongside former Venezuelan National Guard GNB officer Javier Nieto Quintero, claiming responsibility for an armed incursion into Venezuelan territory by "land and sea", which he said was called "Operation Gideon", which involved 60 troops, including two former United States Army Special Forces members. Goudreau said he sought the backing of the U.S. government for his operation but claims he was unsuccessful. The Venezuelan government said security forces had foiled a "marine incursion" by "terrorist mercenaries" from neighboring Colombia in Vargas state, killing eight people and capturing two others. State television showed images of captured weapons, Peruvian documents, and uniforms emblazoned with an American flag. Goudreau and Javier Nieto, identified as a retired captain of the Venezuelan military, published a video on May 3 claiming responsibility for the attack. The next day, Goudreau stated that two of the captured men were U.S. citizens, Airan Berry and Luke Denman, both are ex green berets, were captured on their "peñero" type boat by a fisherman. Opposition leader Juan Guaido has denied any links to the operation. The Venezuelan government claimed the United States and its Drug Enforcement Agency DEA were responsible for the operation and had support from Colombia. Goudreau claimed that Guaido and two political advisers had signed a contract with him for $213 million in October 2019.

On 8 May, Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab requested the extradition of Goudreau from the United States, along with two opposition Venezuelan politicians, Juan Rendon and exiled lawmaker Sergio Vergara, for the "design, financing, and execution" of the plan to overthrow Maduro.

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