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ⓘ Montealegre

Montealegre is a surname. Due to the spelling inconsistencies in former times, bearers of this name may be found under Montalegre, too.

The name Montealegre appears during the reign of king Alfonso VIII as a lordship of Tello pérez de Meneses whose son Alfonso Tellez de Meneses "El Viejo" inherited his estate. The dominance of Montealegre having built a castle, which is located in the village of the same name in the province of Valladolid in Spain was situated on the border line of defense with the Kingdom of Leon.

Montealegre is a Spanish surname of local origin, derived from the place where the original bearer lived. This name means "one who came from Montealegre", a place name in Cadia in the Spanish municipality of Jerez de San Gionvera in Andalusia, Spain. The name comes from the Spanish word "Monte" means "Mountain" or "Mountain", and "Alegre", which means "cheerful" or "joyful."

The military Order of Santiago, and later king Alfonso X the Wise granted a number of rights and privileges Montealegre. And she soon became part of the domination of Alburquerque. It was erected in the County of don Henrique Manuel de Vilhena. Later he belonged to the family of Guzman. During the reign of king Philip IV of Martin Guzman y Rojas becomes the Marquis de Montealegre.

Early references to this surname record eusebia de Montealegre, Margarita de Montealegre and Leocadio Maria de Montealegre as members of the Order of Carlos III. The title of Marquis de Montealegre was granted to Martin de guzmán in 1625 by king Philip IV. The title of Conde de Montealegre was held in Salvador De Ricardo Cavira g Acosta between 1830 - 1857. Jose Joaquin de Montealegre Andrade g, Duque de Montealegre, and the marqués g Salas, was the Ambassador of the Venetian Republic. His daughter, Margarita de Montealegre, settled in Santiago, Chile.

Famous bearers of this name include:

  • Jose Gabriel Montealegre who was born in Madrid in the seventeenth century and until 1650 he was a lawyer to the Royal Court. He was brought before the Inquisition because of his Lutheran beliefs.
  • Jose Maria Montealegre was a statesman and doctor born in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1815 and died in San Francisco in 1887. Jose Maria Montealegre was President of Costa Rica from 1859 to 1863.
  • Felicia Cohn Montealegre was Chilean-Costa Rican actress. A descendant of Mariano Montealegre, a brother of Jose Maria Montealegre. She married Leonard Bernstein, the creator of West Side Story.