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ⓘ Bataillard

Bataillard, and at various points also Bataillart, is a French surname which originated in Eastern France during the mid-14th century. It is now held by about 500 households worldwide.

The name was first used unofficially Jean Batailly, knight Marchamp, which in 1358, seized La Fargem in Propiere. Bataillard or Bataillart thus, was first used by Jean de Marchamp Batailly as a nickname, probably to reflect his status as a knight, but as the adaptation of already existing names Batailly.

Over the next few years, he would officially include the name of Jean de Marchamp DIT Bataillard, 1365 and 1366, Guichard de only said that his daughter Jaquette was married to Jean de M. dit Bataillard. Two years later, he would remove Marchamp from his name, thus giving rise to the first true Bataillard on September 17, 1368. This omission was not continued by his immediate descendants, however, who decided to keep their nominal relationship to the noble family of Marchamp.

Part damoiseau yet the knight Jean Marchamp dit Bataillard, recorded, took place on 1 September 1374, and from this he concluded that he was the son of Chevalier Jean Bataillard.

In December 1441, through the old feudal contract, La Fargem was to abandon Jean de Marchamp DIT Bataillard, probably the son of the former, and grandson of Jean Bataillard, and the Hardouin Marchamp. This seems to be the last member of the Marchamp family who decided not to take the name Bataillard. The death of Hardouin Marchamp in 1451 marked the end of Marchamp in Bataillard line, and in 1459 La Fargem was given to Thomas de a close descendent of Guichard de pool, sauna, in-law of Jean de M. dit Bataillard Jean Bataillard).

During the 15th century, Bataillards maintained political authority throughout the Savoie: alleged cousin Jean Bataillard, Guichard de Marchamp, was appointed Chancellor of Savoie in 1414.

Since that time, most Bataillards remained in the Savoie and surrounding region, and a substantial number now reside in the neighboring regions of Switzerland.

The coat of arms of the family twice.

1. 1552 Romanel in sinople background, bearing a Chevron and three clubs, all in gold.

2. 1618 Romanel green or gold ground, bearing an armoured arm holding a sword, Bordeaux-colored. The scheme and color is gradually changing in different branches of the family throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, but the main motive of the sword-bearing armored hand is consistent.

The motto of the family, as a rule, is connected with the second coat of arms, as "Rester Know vaincre Et Bon" knows how to win and stay good

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