ⓘ CD (disambiguation)

CD (disambiguation)

ⓘ CD (disambiguation)

  • -CD, the North American call sign suffix for Class A low-power television stations operating with digital signals
  • Candela or cd, a unit of light intensity
  • Drag coefficient or c d, a dimensionless quantity used to quantify the drag of an object in a fluid
  • Cadmium or Cd, a chemical element
  • Critical Dimension, the minimum feature size that a projection system can print in photolithography
  • Circular dichroism, a form of spectroscopy

1.1. Businesses and organizations Government, military, and political

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo, by ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code
  • Civil defense, an effort to protect the citizens of a state from military attack and natural disasters
  • Centro Democratico, a political party in Italy
  • Canadian Forces Decoration, by post-nominal letters
  • Community of Democracies, an intergovernmental organization of democracies and democratizing countries
  • Conference on Disarmament, an international forum that negotiates multilateral arms control and disarmament agreements
  • Corps Diplomatique, the collective body of foreign diplomats accredited to a particular country or body
  • Centre Democrats Denmark, a Danish former political party
  • .cd, the Internet domain of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Centre Democrats Netherlands, a former political party of the Netherlands

1.2. Businesses and organizations Other business and organizations

  • Commander of the Order of Distinction, a rank in the Jamaican Orders of Societies of Honour
  • Certificate of deposit, a bank account in the United States with a fixed maturity date
  • Česke drahy or ČD, a railway operator of the Czech Republic

2. Other uses

  • "CD", a song by T2 band
  • Chinese Democracy, an album by Guns n Roses
  • Companion dog title, a title offered to dogs by the American Kennel Club for dog obedience
  • Sonic CD
  • 205 number, written CD in hexadecimal
  • Sega Mega-CD
  • cd., abbreviation for caddesi, street, in Turkish
  • Geely CD, a coupe automobile made by Geely Automobile
  • 400 number, written CD in Roman numerals
  • Cross-dressing, the act of wearing clothing associated with the opposite sex
  • Committee Draft, a status in the International Organization for Standardization
  • Cairo Damascus or Damascus Document, a text found among the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Christian democracy, a political ideology
  • Corendon Dutch Airlines IATA code

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