★ Ponezhukay


★ Ponezhukay

Ponezhukay is a rural locality and the administrative center of Teuchezhsky district of the Republic of Adygea, Russia, located on the river apchas near Krasnodar reservoir, 80 kilometers North of Maykop. Population: 3.456, 3.388.

No schools above the high school level in the village.

Was built here in 2006, the hospital serves the entire district. A large part of the construction costs at the expense of personal funds of the President of the Republic Khazret of Sovmina.

The landfill in Ponezhukay is located within the territory of water protection zones on the right side Shunduk rivers and close to forests and farmland, and is in a pose high ecological risk since its opening in 2001.

  • locality an aul of Ponezhukay As of the 2010 Census, the total population of the district was 20, 643, with the population of Ponezhukay accounting for 16
  • District of the Republic of Adygea, Russia. It is located southeast of Ponezhukay and has mostly Adyghe population. Unofficial website of Assokolay in
  • aul is on the left bank of the Marta River, 4 km. north - east from the Ponezhukay aul. The aul is inhabited by Russians and Adighes. Карта аула Нешукай
  • 2018. There are 3 streets. The aul is located in 5 km to the north from Ponezhukay aul. The aul is inhabited by Circassians. Аул Нечерезий, Республика Адыгея
  • shore of the Krasnodar Reservoir of the Kuban River, 8 km north from the Ponezhukay aul. The aul is inhabited by Adighes. Карта аула Пшикуйхабль в республике
  • Krasnoye Kunchukokhabl Necherezy Neshukay Novovochepshy Pchegatlukay Petrov Ponezhukay Pshikuykhabl Shevchenko Shunduk Tauykhabl Tugurgoy Vochepshiy Russia portal
  • December 7, 1956 re - instated on August 5, 1957. Administrative center is Ponezhukay an aul Population: 20, 643 As a municipal division, the district is incorporated
  • Wochepshyiy - ch e Нововочепший Novovochepshiy Пэнэжъыкъуай Penezhyquay Понежукай Ponezhukay ПчыхьалІыкъуай Pchyhal ıquay Пчегатлукай Pchegatlukay Пщыкъуйхьабл Pshyquyhabl
  • Khakurinokhabl 16997 Takhtamukaysky District Тахтамукайский район aul of Takhtamukay 69662 Teuchezhsky District Теучежский район aul of Ponezhukay 20643

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Понежукай, Теучежский район Elevation on Map 5.35 km 3.33 mi Понежукай on map Elevation 47 meters 154.2 feet. 7. Shevchenko, Teuchezhsky district. Fati Sweetagram. Cancel your follow request to @HHabahu. Khaz @HHabahu. Адыгея Понежукай. Joined January 2015. 0 Photos and videos Photos and videos. @dshi ponezhukay Instagram photos and videos. Weather forecast in Ponezhukay ☀️ Accurate weather forecast in Ponezhukay,​Russia now ⛅ Today ⋙ Detailed morning ⊳ Day ⊳ Evening ⊳ Night.

Things to do in Ponezhukay Facebook.

Discover Ponezhukay with the help of your friends. Search for restaurants, hotels, museums and more. Current Weather Condition in Ponezhukay, RU. Dinskaya Novovelichkovskaya Severskaya Smolenskaya Staromyshastovskaya Novomyshastovskaya Plastunovskaya Vasyurinskaya Ponezhukay. Vochepshiy, Russia Detailed weather forecast, long range monthly. Ponezhukay Russian: Понежукай Adyghe: Пэнэжьыкъуай Penezyqwaj is a rural locality an aul and the administrative center of. @ziza 007 Instagram user followers. Chetuk Adygeya, 2.89 km. Krasnyy Adygeya, 3.34 km. Tlyustenkhabl Adygeya ​, 13.3 km. Prikubanskiy Adygeya, 15.15 km. Ponezhukay Adygeya, 15.49 km.

TELE2 is Coming to the Republic of Adygeya Tele2 AB Cision.

@sunnieamie. ☀️ Amely Just a good soul 40.183 followers. ricksiddon. @​ricksiddon @mrzeedler Rafael Montero. @jrmf 27. Rafael Montero​. 4 hours from Ponezhukay Within Hours. 32, Woman, Single. Ponezhukay, Russia. Looks for: Man. 21 35 years. Within 100 kms. Long term dating, Short term dating, Friendship. Introduction Photos. ≡ 385230 MAIL OF RUSSIA Понежукай Отделение: Понежукай. Of Giaginskaya and Khanskaya, the village of Krasnogvardeyskoye, and the mountain villages of Takhtamukay, Koshelhabl and Ponezhukay. ▷ Instagram Search nasyp Search Instagram Users & Hashtag. Adyghestore дамыгъэ тамыгъэ тавро родовойзнак мешвез мэщфэшIу адыгейск гатлукай яблоновский энем понежукай тахтамукай. Teuchezhsky District Enacademic. Polyarny 15 Polyarnyye Zori 14 Polysayevo 7 Pomary 2 Ponezhukay 2 Ponomarevka 1 Pontonny 5 Ponyzivka 10 Popivka 20 Poplevino 1.

You drive, we care. DKV e.

Download royalty free Ponezhukay village in Adygea stock photo 297574644 from Depositphotos collection of millions of premium high resolution stock photos​,. Cann8 profile InterPals Penpals.

Понежукай Postal code 385230 PIN Code ZIP CODES POSTAL.

Ponezhukay Ponezhukaj, Ponezjukaj, Понежукай is a town in Adygeya, Russia​. The local timezone is Europe Moscow. @xxdatmm Instagram profile followers. X coord: 39.38265519216659. telephone: 87772 9 71 02. postcode: 385230. address: Республика Адыгея Адыгея, Понежукай., Октябрьская 33​. Электрическая подстанция НС 15. Ponezhukay as of the 2010 Census. Inside a census Administrative center: aul of Ponezhukay: other localities of the rural settlement: khutor of Kochkin.

Krasnoe, Teuchezhsky district, Russia on the Elevation Map.

АЗС Роснефть. Понежукай. Directions. Onsite Services. Hojatxona Konditsioner Mijozlar uchun toxtash jyoi. People also search for. Directions to АЗС. Teuchezhsky District Visually. 36, Woman, Single. Ponezhukay, Russia. Looks for: Man. 29 43 years. Within 100 kms. Long term dating, Short term dating, Friendship. Introduction Photos. LOGistICAL: Russia Achievements Steam Community. Polysayevo ponazyrevo ponezhukay pontonnyy ponyri poplevinskiy popova poputnaya porechye rybnoye poretskoye porkhov poronaysk porosozero poselki​.

Ponezhukay, Russia Flood Map: Elevation Map, Sea Level Rise Map.

Продолжительность: 46:52. Khaz @HHabahu Twitter. Адыгея Тлюстенхабль Адыгейск Краснодар Тахтамукай Энем ​Яблоновка Понежукай Майкоп Туапсе Сочи одежда для всей семьи​. Ponezhukay Russia Map Lat Long Coordinates. Get prayer times in Ponezhukay. Calculate Islamic namaz timing in Ponezhukay, Russia for Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha. Russia Mufties Council.

АЗС для грузовиков in Ponezhukay Truckfly by Michelin.

Hotels Ryazanskaya hotels Takhtamukay hotels Abadzekhskaya hotels Kuzhorskaya hotels Ponezhukay hotels Natyrbovo hotels more. Юлиана @yliannka88 Instagram photos, videos, highlights and. Its administrative center is the rural locality an aul of Ponezhukay. As of the 2010 Census, the total population of the district was 20.643, with. Ponezhukay: Prayer Times Muslim Pro. Аул Понежукай, ул.Ленина62 1 @prezent adygeisk ponezhukai ⚜️Anzhi​⚜️ @ anzh13 ⚜Fatima Udzhukhu⚜ @.udzhukhu.1 STUDIO NAIL ART​. Susanna Gatagu @ susanna gatagu Followings Instagram. Index: 385230. Address: Адыгея Республика, Понежукай, Ленина ул, 73. phone​: 7 87772 97443 Начальник ОПС. coordinates: 39.381432, 44.889773.

Понежукай 4х4 2019 YouTube.

Yablonovskiy, Russia Takhtamukay, Russia Dinskaya, Russia Vasyurinskaya, Russia Ponezhukay, Russia Enem, Russia Novotitarovskaya, Russia. Elections network adygei at master sergkop GitHub. Complete Ponezhukay Понежукай, Russia. Complete Ponezhukay ​Понежукай, Russia. 17.8%. Complete Isavitsy Исавицы, Russia. Complete Isavitsy. Ponezhukay Adygeysk driving directions journey, distance, time. Find the distance, in kilometers or miles, between Ponezhukay and any other city in the world. Alternatively, use the table with distances to major cities.

Neshukay Weather Forecast for today and this week My Weather.

Cellular data networks in Ponezhukay, Respublika Adygeya, Russian Federation​. This map represents the coverage of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile networks in. Schieble, 32, Ponezhukay, Russia Galactic Love: Free Online. These are approximate driving distances in a radius from Ponezhukay, Russia. Search for vacation spots within driving distance for a day trip or weekend. Mayskiy map, satellite search, share, ruler, your location. Pchegatlukay. 385225. Pervomayskiy. 385760. Plodopitomnik. 385422. Pobeda. 385745. Podgornyy. 385064. Ponezhukay. 385230. Preobrazhenskoe. 385330. Distance from Ponezhukay, Russia to other cities Distance Calculator. Очэпщый кIэ, Wochepshyiy che, Нововочепший, Novovochepshiy. Пэнэжъыкъуай, Penezhyquay, Понежукай, Ponezhukay. ПчыхьалІыкъуай, Pchyhalıquay.

Meyire, 36, Ponezhukay, Russia Devoted: Free Online Dating Site.

Опубликовано: 13 июл. 2019 г. Political 3D Map of Republic of Adygea Maphill. These are approximate driving times in a radius from Ponezhukay, Russia. Search for vacation spots within driving distance for a day trip or weekend getaway. Ponezhukay pedia. Adygeysk 4 km Ponezhukay 5 km Assokolay 10 km Tlyustenkhabl 12 km​ Takhtamukay 14 km Krasnodar 18 km Goryachy Klyuch 18 km.

Ponezhukay Weather Forecast Понежукай, Adygeja, Russia.

Dshi ponezhukay. МКУ ДО Детская школа искусств а. Понежукай Директор:​Тлехусеж Мира Руслановна адрес: а. Понежукай, ул. Октябрьская, 34 тел. Severskaya in Russia: general information, weather, map, photo and. Ponezhukay. 41°. Feels like 37°. d400. 356. 4 mph. Gust 9 mph. Overcast. 7:23 AM. Sunrise. 4:51 PM. Sunset. 0 in. Rain. 67 %. Rel. hum. 1028.4 hPa. Pressure. Airport Near Adygeysk, Adygeya, Russia, Nearest Airports. Ponezhukay. Oktyabrskaya street 19. 4411012. DIVERSE. OTHERS. 385239. Tlyustenkhabl. M4 592 h way Krasnodar. Dzhu 1344 km. 4428034. GAZPROM. Bakinskaya Ponezhukay route planner distance, time and costs. Hotels Ryazanskaya hotels Takhtamukay hotels Abadzekhskaya hotels Kuzhorskaya hotels Ponezhukay hotels Natyrbovo hotels more Следующая Войти Настройки. Book your holiday in Russia, find Russia flights and hotels. 10 letter words containing ponez. ponezhukay. See also: 3 letter Words that start with f Words that start with q Words that start with z Words that start.

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