ⓘ Mas


ⓘ Mas

  • "Mas" Breaking Bad, a season three episode of Breaking Bad
  • Mas y Menos, fictional superhero characters, from the Teen Titans animated television series

1. Songs

  • Mas album, by Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz
  • "Mas", by Jose from the 1985 album Promesas
  • "Mas" Nelly Furtado song, from her 2009 album Mi Plan
  • "Mas" Ricky Martin song, from his 2011 album Musica + Alma + Sexo
  • "Mas", by Selena Gomez from her 2014 album For You
  • "Mas", by Kinky from their 2002 album Kinky

2. Computing

  • Multi-agent system, built of multiple interacting agents
  • Motu Audio System, now Digital Performer, audio sequencer software
  • MAS 90, Sage accounting software
  • Malware Analysis System by FireEye

3. Education

  • Master of Advanced Studies, an academic degree
  • Master of Aeronautical Science, a professional degree
  • Master of Advanced Study, a professional degree
  • Master of Archival Studies, a professional degree
  • Master of Applied Science, a professional degree

4. Military

  • MAS boat, Italian motor torpedo boats
  • MAS-49 rifle, a French semiautomatic rifle manufactured by them
  • Manufacture darmes de Saint-Etienne, a French government arms factory

5. Organizations

  • Muerte a Secuestradores Death to Kidnappers, a Colombian paramilitary group
  • MAS Fez, a Moroccan football club
  • Football Association of Malaysia, by FIFA report code
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapores central bank
  • Museum aan de Stroom, museum in the city of Antwerp
  • Malaysia Airlines, flag carrier of Malaysia
  • Municipal Art Society, an urban planning organization based in New York City
  • Mongolian Academy of Sciences, a Mongolian college
  • Macarthur Astronomical Society, a non-profit organization based in Sydney, Australia
  • Muslim American Society, an Islamic revival and reform movement

6. Politics

  • Movement for Socialism Argentina Movimiento al Socialismo, an Argentine political party
  • Mouvement pour une Alternative Socialiste Movement for a Socialist Alternative, a Belgian Trotskyist organization
  • Socialist Alternative Movement Movimento Alternativa Socialista, a Portuguese Trotskyist political party
  • Broad Social Movement Movimiento Amplio Social, a Chilean political party
  • Movement toward Socialism Venezuela Movimiento al Socialismo, a Venezuelan political party
  • Movement toward Socialism Bolivia Movimiento al Socialismo, a Bolivian political party

7. Biology

  • Mixed amphetamine salts, an abridged generic name for Adderall, a stimulant drug
  • Meconium aspiration syndrome, neonatal aspiration of meconium
  • The G protein-coupled receptor Mas, a critical part of the renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system RAAS, encoded by the proto-oncogene MAS1
  • Mandibular advancement splint, a device used to treat sleep apnea
  • Marker assisted selection, a genome-tagging technique
  • Macrophage activation syndrome, a potentially life-threatening complication of several chronic rheumatic diseases of childhood
  • McCune–Albright syndrome, a genetic disorder which results in precocious puberty

8. Metrics

  • Milliarcseconds mas, a unit of angular measurement
  • Magic angle spinning, a technique used in solid state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
  • Milliampere-second mAs, a fraction of an ampere-hour, a unit of electric charge

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