ⓘ Taw (disambiguation)


ⓘ Taw (disambiguation)

Taw or TAW may refer to:

  • the shooter marble in a game of marbles
  • Tai Wai Station, Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway station code TAW
  • Tawing with alum, a method of producing white leather
  • Total available water in soil for crops
  • Taw number, the collection of all cardinal numbers
  • F-22 Total Air War, a fighter jet flight simulator game
  • the River Taw in Devon, England
  • Toa Airways, a Japanese airline
  • Taw letter, the twenty-second letter in many Semitic alphabets
  • Tomas Andersson Wij, Swedish singer, songwriter and journalist known by the initials TAW
  • Taw locomotive, a British narrow gauge railway locomotive built in 1897, named after the river

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